1992/93 - A fair effort that!

Season 1992/93 saw the Club move into the District Grade with the anticipation of another fine Season. During the winter months there had been much discussion about the number of teams which the Club should fill. During 1991/92 there had been numerous occasions when the Club found itself with a number of players not able to get a game, with the result that some players played for Mt Martha, Carrum Downs and Skye. Following substantial discussions and arguments, it was decided that we should again field 7 teams. As it was going to be difficult to ensure that every player was given a regular game, the Club approached a number of players prior to the start of the Season and advised them that preference was to be given to the younger senior players. Some players decided to stay and try their luck while others decided to stand out.

Alan Splatt was appointed as Club President, Roy Watts became Vice President and Chairman of the Match Committee, Gordon McLeod continued as Secretary as did Wayne Ross (Treasurer). Brian Chapman continued as Chairman of Selectors, Bob Hough Players' representative while Gary Buckley became the Junior Co-ordinator. Jeff Roach was appointed to the General Committee as Publicity Officer, Doug Van Raay was appointed as Assistant Secretary, Peter Watson as Marketing Officer and Matt Parkinson to the Assistant Treasurer position. Former President, Peter Worland and Clarrie Swan were co-opted to the Committee, Clarrie as Bar Manager, and Helen Van Raay was again co-opted to be the Club's Catering Manager.

The Club re-appointed Brian McCue as Coach and asked Dave Hastings to continue as Assistant Coach. The Captains were Brian (1sts), Craig Small (2nds), Gary Buckley (3rds), Brian Chapman (4ths), Jim Chubb (5ths), Peter Watson (6ths) and Clarrie Swan (7ths). Mal Ritchie again volunteered his services as 1st XI Team Manager and took over as Practice Captain from Watto - a move which he regretted almost from Day 1.

Players who left the Club at the end of the 1991/92 Season were Adrian Batey, Lindsay Batey (125 games, 3433 runs at 25.81% - Highest Score 126), Greg Carbis (81 games, 536 runs and 127 wickets at 23.63%), Richard Carter (132 games, 2863 runs at 21.37% - Highest Score 121) and 58 wickets, Wayne Carter (150 games, 3205 runs at 23.92% - Highest Score 99 and 10 wickets), Adrian "Ace" Cole, Chris Crofts, Adam Dennison who had entered the Army mid-way through the 1991/92 Season, Leigh Evemy, Rod Ferguson, Chris Firth (41 games, 873 runs - Highest Score 99 - at 20.79%), Joel Fisher, Sam Griffiths (39 games, 459 runs - Highest Score - 52, at 17.00%), Grant Hateley, Tony Hatfield, Paul Heller (76 games, 1660 runs - Highest Score - 93,at 21.84%), Danny Holden (Frankston) - 18 games, 452 runs - Highest Score - 61, at 21.52% and 12 wickets, Daryl "Dusty" Hume - Cleared to Frankston Bombers - 18 games, 260 runs and 59 wickets at 17.73%, Shane Jolly, Sean Kelly (36 games, 1194 runs - Highest Score - 100, at 35.12%), Tom Lamb (34 wickets at 11.44%), Jason Murchie - 364 runs in 1991/92 at 40.44%, Ben Parkinson (18games, 282 runs - Highest Score - 67, and 23 wickets), Danny Salt (35 games, 381 runs and 116 wickets at 14.86%), Rob Sanders - cleared to Mt Martha, Darren Shiel, Tony Smith, Rod Spalding (29 games and 50 wickets at 21.48%), Andrew Vose (54 games, 443 runs and 79 wickets at 20.59%), and Mark Webb (18 games and 239 runs - Highest Score - 121, at 18.38%).

New players to the Club were Peter Addicott who last played at the Club in the Under 12's then went to Frankston where he played out his Junior career, Sean Bicknell who played in 1990/91 but took a sabbatical last Season, Paul Campbell (Langwarrin), Adam Chubb who played previously as a Junior and moved to South Melbourne in 1990/91, Paul Cooper (Langwarrin), Dennis Fuh - albeit briefly, Laurence Hall who last played in 1990/91, Brendan Kelly who hadn't been sighted at the Club since his Under 14 days and Grant Kellerman who was cleared back to the Club from Karingal. In addition, Phil Le Poidevin and Shane Oxley, who were both cleared to Mt Martha in 1991/92, decided to try their luck with the Club. Under 16 players who graduated to the Senior ranks were Damien Des Barres, Steve Meddings, Adrian (Javed) Rodrigues, Nathan Ross, Mark Sargant, Matthew Swift and Kieran Worland. Juniors who played during the Season were Ben Coates, Sam Cooper, John Forrest, Paul Henderson, Baden McWilliams, David Splatt, Nathan Swan, Chris Traynor and David Wisniewski.

The Season got underway in dismal fashion. Round 1 was declared a One Day Game because for the second Season in a row, the grounds throughout the Peninsula were unplayable. While Kananook Reserve (3rds) was in excellent shape, McClelland Drive was only in fair condition and Havana Crescent (4ths & 5ths) and Worland Park (6ths & 7ths) were bogs. Most of the grounds had improved out of sight but torrential rain caused the complete abandonment of Round 1. The MPCA Pennant Committee however had the foresight to include a Sunday in its fixture for any re-scheduling of complete wash-outs, and in this case no cricket was lost. However, the rain interceded for the second week-end in a row, and Round 2 became a One Day Match. Fortunately we were able to make it onto the field for that week, that is all of us bar Watto's 6ths - Worland Park was not even fit for the mud wrestlers. Round 3 started as scheduled - on the first day, but the heavens opened up the following week and again the majority of games were drawn. The weather did improve slightly although we did seem to play a lot of cricket through the rain. Then after Christmas, the heat-wave began and some of us were praying for rain! While the weather wasn't kind on most occasions, we did eventually get underway, and once again Long Island teams were the teams to beat with the Club again performing magnificently. Once again the Club won the Gunn & Moore Club Championship, six of the seven teams finished in the Four, four of the teams went on to the Grand Final, and the 2nds took out the ultimate prize by winning the Premiership.

1st XI :
The 1st XI had been promoted to the District Grade and went into the Season with the same eleven players who formed the Premiership combination last Season. We won 7 Home and Away games, drew two and lost two. Because of the weather, the competition was extremely tight, and while we were in the top four for most of the Season, we still had to win our Round 10 game against Sorrento to ensure a place in the Finals competition. While our batting was far from consistent, good efforts were recorded by "Finn" McLeod with 256 runs, Cameron Park - 248 runs, "Slug" Van Raay - 246 runs and Cameron McLeod - 238 runs. On the bowling side, Cuey was again the leading bowler with 30 wickets while Parky took 26 in what was a tremendous all-round effort. The fact that we only managed to score over 200 runs in an Innings on two occasions was disappointing, although to finish in the Four in our first Season in District was a great effort - one which must now set us up for better things. The results of the Season were :

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 9/74 (D.Van Raay 30) defeated Hastings 73 (K.McCluskey 5/22, C.Park 2/23, B.McCue 2/13)
2 Long Island 7/137 (S.McLeod 28, D.Van Raay 23, C.McLeod 27no, C.Park 33)
defeated Delacombe Park 9/108 (B.McCue 4/31, D.Hastings 2/34, C.Park 3/14)
3 Long Island 193 (S.McLeod 66, C.McLeod 32, D.Hastings 42) drew with Crib Point 0/8
4 Long Island 0/7 drew with Mt Martha 181 (C.Park 5/68, B.McCue 4/53)
5 Long Island 6/209 (A.Chubb 23, D.Van Raay 85, C.Park 26) defeated Boneo 5/200 (C.Park 2/43)
6 Long Island 105 lost to Seaford 3/283
7 Long Island 6/201 (S.McLeod 37, A.Chubb 56, D.Van Raay 33, P.Conell 21no) defeated Langwarrin 188 (C.Park 4/75, B.McCue 3/58)
8 Long Island 7/203 (A.Chubb 21, G.Vose 72no, P.Conell 30) and 0/7 defeated Moorooduc 188 (B.McCue 4/63, C.McLeod 4/69)
9 Long Island 208 (P.Conell 60, C.Park 85, G.Park 20) and 2/95 (A Chubb 49, N.Kent 32no)
defeated Frankston East 159 (G.Park 3/29, B.McCue 6/60)
10 Long Island 3/249 (S.McLeod 33, C.McLeod 114no, D.Van Raay 20, G.Vose 51no)
defeated Sorrento 202 (C.Park 2/45, D.Hastings 3/46, B.McCue 3/44)
11 Long Island 7/157 (S.McLeod 20, D.Van Raay 23, D.Hastings 20, C.Park 39no)
lost to Somerville 7/167 (B.McCue 2/62, C.McLeod 3/26)

Semi Final :
After losing the last Home and Home game, another One-Day game, we finished in third spot and were drawn to play Delacombe Park, a team which had improved markedly through the Season. They batted first and while our fielding wasn't the best, made the most of their opportunities to score 206 - a gettable target. Cameron McLeod took 3/45 and Cameron Park got 2/90. We had to bat a few overs at the end of the first day, but lost "Breezer" McLeod and we went into Day 2 at 1/8. Things wrent from bad to worse on the second day and we were dismissed for 103, with only "Doc", "Finn" and Cameron Park getting amongst the runs.

Long Island 103 (S.McLeod 26, G.Vose 21, C.Park 29) lost to Delacombe Park 206 (C.Park 3/90, G.Park 2/25, D.Hastings 2/21)

Throughout the Season our batting let us down. We were extremely fortunate that in almost every game one or two players made runs when needed which gave the bowlers a target to bowl to. "Finn" McLeod scored 256 runs, "Breezer" got 238, "Slug" Van Raay made 246, Parky scored 248 and "Doc" Vose made 204. The bowlers rarely let us down with Cuey taking 31 wickets and Cam Park 26. Bob Martin did very well behind the stumps with a hand in 24 dismissals for the Season.

In addition to the Home and Home games, we again played in the MPCA's One-Day Knockout Competition, defeating Somerville, Frankston Bombers, then Karingal in the first 3 Rounds. The victory against Karingal was most pleasing, even though Rob Bedford did not play. Long Island didn't have the services of Brian McCue, Bob Martin or Dave Hastings. We met Pines in the Semi Final but, after dismissing them for a meagre score, we were not able to bat out the overs and went down by 19 runs. It was however the Club's best effort in the Knockout Competition to date.

2nd XI :
The 2nds had a magnificent Season going through the Season undefeated, in fact they were only troubled once for the Season in the last match of the Season against Somerville in a One Day game. Led by Craig Small in his first stint as a Captain, the team had winners all over. Craig himself had another good Season with the bat scoring 382 runs, "Digger" Watts found a niche for himself as an opening batsman and scored over 200 runs, as well as taking 15 wickets, Aaron Wright continued to show that he'll make it soon with 342 runs, Matty Parkinson put in a solid Season - probably not near his best, but still scoring 336 runs and of course, Gordon McLeod who just keeps on making runs - 317 of them - really enjoyed himself leaving all of the worries to Craig. The "find" of the Season however was Dale McCurdy whose bowling exploits are well known and who after a slow start to the Season picked up quite a few wickets at the business end. But it was with the bat that "Doyle" excelled, scoring 289 runs at over 57.80%. Kieran McCluskey had another great Season with the ball with 25 wickets, "Doyle" took 18, Gary Measham 14 and spinners Neil Kent (15) and Greg Lamb (12) made up a formidable bowling attack.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 5/157 (A.Chubb 58, K.Ryan 25, M.Parkinson 29, C.Small 29) defeated Hastings 8/135 (G.Park 3/31, G.Lamb 3/37)
2 Long Island 3/176 (G.Housley 58, M.Parkinson 48no, C.Small 23, D.McCurdy 35no)
defeated Delacombe Park 7/103 (G.Measham 3/48, G.Park 2/19)
3 Long Island 6/287 (G.Housley 33, M.Parkinson 22, S.Meddings 68, C.Small 78, G.McLeod 54no, A.Wright 20no)
drew with Crib Point
4 Long Island 7/249 (A.Wright 73, M.Parkinson 24, N.Kent 37, D.Watts 22no, D.McCurdy 41no) and 1/31
defeated Mt Martha 84 (D.Watts 4/35, N.Kent 2/4)
5 Long Island 7/285 (M.Parkinson 25, N.Kent 22, C.Small 32, G.McLeod 50, D.McCurdy 111no)
defeated Seaford 8/190 (D.McCurdy 5/52)
6 Long Island 6/200 (K.Ryan 64, M.Parkinson 21, C.Small 49) drew with Boneo 9/93 (K.McCluskey 5/28, G.Lamb 2/20)
7 Long Island 6/312 (A.Wright 30, M.Parkinson 32, N.Kent 65, C.Small 32, G.Park 44, G.McLeod 63no, G.Lamb 22no)
defeated Langwarrin 111 (K.McCluskey 3/21, G.Park 3/29 D.McCurdy 2/34)
8 Long Island 213 (C.Small 56, G.McLeod 38, D.McCurdy 58) defeated Moorooduc 8/142 K.McCluskey 3/28, G.Park 2/22, N.Kent 2/26
9 Long Island 8/229 (D.Watts 93, K.Ryan 41, G.Lamb 22) defeated Frankston East 81 K.McCluskey 3/18, G.Measham 3/37, G.Lamb 3/6
and 6/92 (D.Watts 3/31)
10 Long Island 5/325 (A.Wright 114, D.Watts 71, N.Kent 74no) defeated Sorrento 92 (K.McCluskey 3/21, N.Kent 4/17)
and 7/48 (G.Measham 3/21)
11 Long Island 7/153 (K.Ryan 28, G.McLeod 21no, G.Lamb 41no) defeated Somerville 110 (K.McCluskey 5/40, D.Watts 4/37)

Grand Final :
After whitewashing Delacombe Park in the Semi-Final with "Doyle" cutting a swathe through their batting line-up with 5/25 after Neil "Striker" Kent had once again played a delightful swashbuckling Innings of 34 (then follwed up with 3/16), and Gordon and Parko made 37 each, we took on Langwarrin. Langy batted first and were soon in trouble with "Doyle" again in devastating form. The big-fella was just too quick and their top order was reeling. To their credit they fought back hard, but then had no idea against the ever-improving leg-spin of "Striker". He was unplayable for almost all of his bowling stint and set the game up for our batsmen. And they didn't let us down.

"Digger" copped a bad one, both from the fieldsman and from the Umpire, but Aaron and Parko just couldn't be budged. "Striker" too copped a bad one (same Umpire!), but all this did was to get Smally upset - and who did he punish - those poor bowlers. Of course Gordon also got in on the act and scored a tidy 30 not out.

Long Island 5/238 (A.Wright 34, M.Parkinson 45, K.Ryan 26, C.Small 56no, G.McLeod 30no)
defeated Langwarrin 183 (D.McCurdy 4/37, N.Kent 3/40)

3rd XI :
The 3rds took all before them this Season going all the way to the Grand Final but for the second year in a row having to accept the Runner-up position. The team was well-led by Gary Buckley who held himself in reserve for most of the Season, but was still a fine contributor. "Trees" Palmer was again outstanding, both with bat and ball - scoring 314 runs and taking 33 wickets, Mark Sargant scored 303 runs, Steve Meddings 200 runs, while opening bowlers Dave "Simmo" Simons took 39 wickets and Jeff Boag got 37.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 5/195 (D.Worland 26, M.Sargant 71, S.Meddings 52, A.Splatt 27no)
defeated Frankston YCW 85 (D.Simons 3/35, G.Buckley 5/15)
2 Long Island 4/167 (S.Doolan 26, G.Palmer 53no, G.Buckley 45no)
defeated Delacombe Park 134 (D.Simons 3/27, G.Buckley 2/29, N.Ross 4/41)
3 Long Island drew with Pines 240 (D.Simons 5/43, P.Cooper 2/36, G.Palmer 2/38)
4 Long Island 4/105 (K.Ryan 48, S.Doolan 26no) drew with Baden Powell 143 (D.Simons 3/46, J.Boag 3/19)
5 Long Island 212 (S.Doolan 24, M.Sargant 55, D.Worland 36, G.Palmer 45) lost to Langwarrin 236 (D.Simons 2/37, G.Palmer 6/75)
6 Long Island 7/159 (R.Martin 32, A.Splatt 49no) defeated Karingal 52 (J.Boag 5/28, G.Palmer 3/8) and 3/61
7 Long Island 168 (R.Hall 20, G.Palmer 86no, A.Splatt 26) defeated Heatherhill 130 (D.Simons 4/43, J.Boag 3/34, G.Palmer 3/28)
and 5/211 (M.Sargant 2/35)
8 Long Island 7/250 (R.Hall 38, S.Meddings 56, M.Sargant 67, A.Splatt 20no) defeated Seaford 60 (D.Simons 5/28, J.Boag 5/31)
and 5/86 (J.Boag 2/15)
9 Long Island 259 (R.Hall 29, G.Buckley 37, G.Palmer 31, J.Boag 86, A.Thorpe 26)
defeated Somerville 123 (J.Boag 2/43, D.Simons 2/28, G.Palmer 4/24) and 1/22
10 Long Island 4/168 (S.Doolan 20, S.Meddings 25, G.Housley 50no, G.Palmer 34no)
defeated Mornington 92 (J.Boag 5/34, D.Simons 2/27) and 4/123
11 Long Island 9/145 (R.Hall 27, D.Splatt 44no) defeated Mt Eliza 7/139 (G.Buckley 3/62, G.Palmer 4/30)

Semi-Final :
Long Island 119 (S.Doolan 34, M.Sargant 31)
defeated Somerville 117 (D.Simons 3/20, J.Boag 4/36, G.Palmer 3/42) and 4/43 (D.Simons 2/23, J.Boag 2/17)

Grand Final :
We met the only team to defeat us for the Season in this game, so we knew that the task would be difficult. Once again, the now-formidable new ball attack of Simons and Boag ripped into the first few bats, then "Trees" bowled his unplayable stuff - so well that for a while there it looked as though they didn't want to score. But patience saw Langy bat most of their overs for a total of 209. Unfortunately, our top-order bats couldn't put it together and we had lost 5/75 with a days' play to go. Sarg and "Trees" did a good job, but there was little support and we collapsed to be all out for 127.

Long Island 127 (M.Sargant 25, G.Palmer 36) lost to Langwarrin 209 (D.Simons 2/44, J.Boag 2/42, G.Palmer 3/48, G.Buckley 2/35)

4th XI :
The 4ths enjoyed a fine Season losing only the one Home and Home game but losing the match that counts - the Grand Final. The team was made up of a couple of veterans - Peter Worland (246 runs and 33 wickets) and skipper Brian Chapman (140 runs and 12 wickets), and a host of young guns - Steve Nennstiel (262 runs), Trevor "Rev" Ryan (332 runs), Marty Kelly (409 runs), Steve Wisniewski (308 runs) being the oldest of these, then the Junior graduates Nathan Ross (31 wickets) and Adrian "Javed" Rodrigues (195 runs and 8 wickets). Kieran Worland, Ben Coates, David Wisniewski and John Forrest were others who performed well.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 7/146 (T.Ryan 35, R.Hall 35) defeated Karingal 9/139 (P.Worland 4/31, B.Chapman 3/27, N.Ross 2/44)
2 Long Island 5/120 (S.Nennstiel 28, P.Worland 44no, D.Wisniewski 27no) defeated Carrum Downs 77 (L.Hall 3/13, K.Worland 2/5)
and 4/87 (P.Worland 2/31, S.Wisniewski 2/19)
3 Long Island 8/297 (S.Nennstiel 28, S.Wisniewski 46, P.Worland 101, M.Kelly 36, B.Chapman 44) drew with Pines
4 Long Island 9/286 (S.Wisniewski 64, M.Kelly 71, D.Wisniewski 76, B.Chapman 24)
defeated Mt Martha 7/280 (B.Chapman 2/21, K.Worland 3/88)
5 Long Island 197 (T.Ryan 90, B.Chapman 28) and 0/45 (D.Wisniewski 24no) lost to Hastings 210 (N.Ross 6/80, S.Wisniewski 2/15)
6 Long Island 243 (S.Wisniewski 23, D.Splatt 21, T.Ryan 75, M.Kelly 56, D.Wisniewski 30)
defeated Mt Eliza 138 (P.Worland 2/57, N.Ross 6/75)
7 Long Island 174 (S.Wisniewski 21, M.Kelly 27, A.Rodrigues 40, P.Cooper 21) and 4/91(S.Nennstiel 28, D.Wisniewski 20)
defeated Boneo 104 (A.Rodrigues 4/28, J.Forrest 2/10)
8 Long Island 237 (S.Nennstiel 58, D.Worland 22, D.Splatt 66, M.Kelly 21, A.Rodrigues 28no) and 1/7
defeated Balnarring 214 (P.Worland 4/54, N.Ross 6/75)
9 Long Island 7/247 (R.Watts 28, S.Wisniewski 30, B.Coates 76, M.Kelly 44, P.Cooper 32) and 0/52 (R.Watts 25no, A.Rodrigues 20no)
defeated Heatherhill 130 (P.Worland 3/30, N.Ross 3/40, P.Cooper 3/20)
10 Long Island 9/290 (D.Worland 38, B.Coates 21, T.Ryan 98, P.Worland 35, B.Chapman 20no)
defeated Baxter 172 (P.Worland 3/26, P.Cooper 3/61, N.Ross 3/51)
11 Long Island 9/214 (R.Watts 24, S.Nennstiel 42, M.Kelly 97) defeated Tyabb 8/212 (B.Coates 6/74)

Semi-Final :
Long Island 6/136 (D.Worland 66no) defeated Balnarring 83 (P.Worland 5/45, B.Chapman 3/19)

Grand Final :
Playing Baxter whom we had defeated a couple of games ago, we went into this game reasonably confident. We started off really well with Roy and Steve in good touch, then Wizza and Dave Worland put on a good stand, and we were cruising. But the capitulation of the middle order and much of the bottom order saw an ordinary total of 164. Late on the first day Peter got the initial break-through but the next wicket took a while. When Rosso came into the attack on the second day things started to go our way, but then cases of butter-fingers' developed and they exceeded our total by 15 runs. We decided to play on but the batting was nowhere near our best. In the end Baxter took out the match by 7 wickets.

Long Island 164 (R.Watts 20, S.Nennstiel 36, S.Wisniewski 57) and 105 (A.Rodrigues 36, M.Kelly 21, P.Worland 24)
lost to Baxter 179 (P.Worland 4/55, N.Ross 3/34, A.Rodrigues 2/34) and 3/91 (P.Worland 3/41)

5th XI :
The 5ths, under the leadership of Jim Chubb, started the Season with a number of youngsters in the team, then in Round 7 went into a game against Pearcedale with the average age of the team being 37.5 years (Norm's birthday on the second day of the match raised it even higher!), but it settled down with a combination of veterans and youngsters. The team had a great deal of success although it lost a few games during the Season, made the finals, then the Grand Final, but unfortunately fell at the last hurdle. Bob Hough was again to the fore, scoring 521 runs and taking 12 wickets, Jim Chubb scored 507 runs, Roy Watts after a slow start made 329 and Bob Bowden struggled for most of the Season but got 235 runs. On the bowling side Steve Griffin took 42 wickets, Kieran Worland 23, Wayne Ross 18 and John Forrest 12. In addition to these, recruit Paul Campbell had a hand in 28 dismissals and scored 158 runs. Details of the Season were :

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 4/189 (S.Nennstiel 30, R.Hough 61, D.Splatt 46no) defeated Rosebud 140 (C.Traynor 3/24, K.Worland 3/36, L.Hall 2/42)
2 Long Island 153 (R.Hough 52, C.Traynor 21) lost to Mt Eliza 7/163 (C.Traynor 2/35, D.Des Barres 2/77, S.Griffin 2/48)
3 Long Island 2/60 drew with Heatherhill 149 (D.Des Barres 3/28, S.Griffin 6/25)
4 Long Island 9/187 (J.Chubb 82, P.Henderson 36) and 3/23 tied with Baden Powell 187 (R.Hough 4/36, S.Griffin 4/56)
5 Long Island 7/312 (R.Watts 37, J.Chubb 64, P.Henderson 59, R.Hough 62, L.Hall 50) defeated Baxter 87 (W.Ross 3/29, C.Traynor 2/29) and 4/67 (L.Hall 3/18)
6 Long Island 166 (R.Hough 35, S.Cooper 53, P.Campbell 32) lost to Langwarrin 8/198 (R.Hough 2/29, W.Ross 4/67)
7 Long Island 7/317 (R.Watts 60, R.Bowden 22, J.Chubb 114no, G.Strong 36, R.Hough 57)
and 1/147 (I.Howie 25, Mick Humphrey 57no, P.Campbell 53no) defeated Pearcedale 155 ( N.Stickland 2/28, S.Griffin 6/52)
8 Long Island 1/217 (R.Watts 124no, R.Bowden 22, J.Chubb 68no) defeated Frankston YCW 64 (S.Griffin 6/20, K.Worland 4/42)
and 32 (K.Worland 8/18)
9 Long Island 258 (R.Bowden 25, G.Strong 21, R.Hough 80, J.Forrest 27, P.Campbell 39)
defeated Delacombe Park 217 (S.Griffin 4/42, J.Forrest 3/39)
10 Long Island 197 (R.Watts 33, J.Chubb 27, D.Wisniewski 24, R.Hough 56, J.Forrest 20)
lost to Tootgarook 224 (S.Griffin 4/69, J.Forrest 4/62)
11 Long Island 8/195 (J.Chubb 76, P.Henderson 54) defeated Skye 104 (S.Griffin 7/33)

Semi Final :
Long Island 9/282 (R.Watts 20, R.Bowden 80, R.Hough 66, J.Forrest 58) defeated Langwarrin 177 (K.Worland 2/31, J.Forrest 2/52, W.Ross 5/53)

Grand Final :
Tootgarook batted first and struggled against the fine bowling of Kieran Worland and John Forrest who both bowled long spells for not many runs. After tea on the first day Bob Hough and Wayne Ross had them in real strife, but a couple of chances went begging and they started to look good again. On the second day, Kieran again bowled a great spell and when Tootgarrok was all out, after 102 overs, they had only made 184 runs. We started OK but lost Gary Strong and Bob Bowden just when they were looking all right, then Chubby was looking a million dollars when he went to a "blinder". Houghy and "Loll" Hall batted it out to stumps - 4/90 with 62 overs to go. Unfortunately we weren't good enough to bat out those overs, or score the runs, and our attempt fell 38 runs short, with Bob Hough stranded on 44 not out.

Long Island 146 (J.Chubb 32, R.Hough 44no) lost to Tootgarook 184 (R.Hough 3/16, W.Ross 2/38, K.Worland 4/60)

6th XI :
The 6ths were the only team to miss the four, but how stiff were they. With Worland Park as our Home Ground we missed Round 2 completely, then found ourselves twice in winning positions only to have bad weather (and opposition Captains who didn't want to play!), beat the top team (and eventual Premiers) in the second last Round but lost to the 2nd team in the last game, and finished in 6th spot. Results of the Season were :

Season's Details :

1 Wahed Out
2 Long Island 4/152 (I.Meddings 46, J.Upton 40) defeated Heatherhill 7/91 (N.Stickland 2/27, Mal Humphrey 3/17)
3 Long Island 3/84 (S.Fishwick 25) defeated Carrum Downs 70 (N.Stickland 3/21, Mal Humphrey 2/24, Mick Humphrey 2/15)
4 Long Island 131 G.Strong25, Mick Humphrey50 defeated Delacombe Park 50 N.Stickland6/18, Mal Humphrey2/24, Mick Humphrey2/1
and 159 (N.Stickland 2/33, Mick Humphrey 4/32)
5 Long Island 5/358 (S.Fishwick 37, G.Strong 70, P.Rudd 121, I.Howie 50no, Mick Humphrey 24no) drew with Balnarring 2/49
6 Long Island 6/233 (I.Meddings 55, S.Fishwick 28,I.Howie 33, Mick Humphrey 54no) drew with Langwarrin 4/44 (Mal Humphrey 3/13)
7 Long Island 144 (J.Upton 55, S.Fishwick 29) lost to Pearcedale 169 (D.Des Barres 2/28, P.Rudd 3/53) and 7/82 (P.Rudd 4/45)
8 Long Island 225 (P.Rudd 78,Mick Humphrey 50, I.Howie 41) lost to Somerville 6/300 (Mal Humphrey 3/82, P.Rudd 3/32)
9 Long Island 2/91 (S.Fishwick 55no) and 0/26 defeated Seaford 80 (Mal Humphrey 2/14, Mick Humphrey 6/12)
and 32 (N.Stickland 5/17, Mal Humphrey 3/13)
10 Long Island 191 (S.Fishwick 41, G.Strong 39, P.Rudd 24, P.Ridgway 24)
defeated Frankston Bombers 170 (Mal Humphrey 2/30, P.Rudd 2/44, M.Swift 4/24)
11 Long Island 96 (I.Meddings 29) lost to Pines 9/138 (Mal Humphrey 4/47, Mick Humphrey 3/50)

7th XI :
Led by Clarrie Swan, the 7ths comprised mainly of veterans (age, not cricketing experience) bolstered by a number (now and then) of young players. Together they formed a very good, competitive combination which finished in second spot and was so close to playing off for the Premiership - which it probably deserved. We lost the Semi-Final by only 2 runs when early in the game we looked like chasing about 350 runs, early in our Innings we were in heaps, but by late in the game we looked to have it won. Mt Martha batted first and their top-order really fired. John Denton picked up an early wicket, but just before tea things were grim. Greg Pretty came into the attack with instant success, then Clarrie started to get amongst them and finished with 5 wickets. They faltered after tea and their score of 159 was gettable. We lost 2/0 in the 1st over! But JD and Jeff Roach fought back, and while they were still there we had some hope. The runs came gradually, but so too did the wickets and at 8/117, Mt Martha was in the box seat, but "Night-Train" had other ideas. Unfortunately we fell 2 runs short. The team was served well throughout the Season by Bob Hindle who scored 301 runs, Peter Ridgway - 232 runs, Clarrie Swan - 167 runs and 22 wickets, and Greg Pretty - 11 wickets. Young players who did well were Matthew Swift, Damien "Night-Train" Des Barres, Paul Roach and Nathan Swan - although the latter two played only a handful of games each.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 7/126 (R.Hindle 20, J.Upton 51) defeated Skye 117 (N.Stickland 5/39)
2 Long Island 111 (J.Roach 21, R.Hindle 34, I.Thomas 21) drew with Pearcedale 8/83 (P.Le Poidevin 2/17, I.Thomas 4/19)
3 Long Island 5/242 (C.Swan 61, R.Hindle 70, R.Harley 41no, N.Swan 23no) drew with Mornington (DID NOT BAT)
4 Long Island 150 (R.Hindle 42, D.Heller 21, P.Ridgway 40) defeated Mt Eliza 86 (M.Swift 3/12)
5 Long Island 66 and 9/140 (G.Pretty 23, P.Ridgway 25, C.Swan 40) lost to Carrum Downs 137 (C.Swan 4/38, S.Oxley 2/5)
6 Long Island 4/191 (N.Swan 44, R.Hindle 65no, D.Heller 23no) lost to Mt Martha 5/213 (S.Oxley 2/22, C.Swan 2/59)
7 Long Island 8/174 (R.Hindle 54, P.Ridgway 24) defeated Baxter 90 (S.Bicknell 4/23, C.Swan 3/23) and 3/43
8 Long Island 149 (G.Pretty 44) defeated Mt Martha 9/121 (M.Swift 4/41, G.Pretty 2/22, D.Des Barres 3/42)
9 Long Island 137 (D.Des Barres 26) defeated Frankston Bombers 90 (D.Des Barres 3/36, J.Denton 2/29, G.Pretty 2/12, C.Swan 2/9)
and 7/161 (P.Le Poidevin 2/16, C.Swan 2/23)
10 Long Island won on forfeit against Pearcedale
11 Long Island 6/192 (J.Roach 38, P.Ridgway 58no) defeated Mornington 7/105 (G.Pretty 4/18, C.Swan 2/27)

Semi-Final :
Long Island 157 (J.Denton 30, D.Des Barres 41no) lost to Mt Martha 159 (J.Denton 2/21, C.Swan 5/33, G.Pretty 3/30)

For the Season, a number of players achieved Milestones :

200 Games
Wayne Ross
Gordon McLeod
150 Games
Bob Bowden
Peter Worland
100 Games Craig Small,
Clarrie Swan,
John Denton
50 Games
Marty Kelly,
Greg Lamb,
Bob Martin,
Gary Measham,
Cameron McLeod,
Gareth Park

5000 Runs

Gordon McLeod
2500 Runs
Bob Hough,
Kevin Ryan,
Craig Small
Roy Watts
2000 Runs
Stuart McLeod,
Matthew Parkinson
1500 Runs
Gary Housley,
Trevor Ryan,
Aaron Wright
1000 Runs
Stuart Doolan,
Dale McCurdy,
Cameron McLeod
500 Runs
Adam Chubb,
Jim Chubb,
Ivan Meddings,
Steve Meddings,
David Worland,
Steve Wisniewski,
Stephen Nennstiel,
Mark Sargant,
David Splatt,
Gary Strong,
Ian Thomas

300 Wickets

Peter Worland
200 Wickets
Norm Stickland
150 Wickets
John Denton
Greg Pretty
100 Wickets
Kieran McCluskey
50 Wickets
Jeff Boag,
Brian Chapman,
Mick Humphrey,
Neil Kent,
Brian McCue,
Geoff Palmer,
Nathan Ross,
Dave Simons

Centuries :
124 Roy Watts
121 Paul Rudd
114 Jim Chubb,
114 Cameron McLeod
114 Aaron Wright
111 Dale McCurdy
101 Peter Worland

Bowling :
8/18 Kieran Worland
7/33 Steve Griffin
6/12 Mick Humphrey
6/18 Norm Stickland
6/20 Steve Griffin
6/25 Steve Griffin
6/52 Steve Griffin
6/60 Brian McCue
6/75 Geoff Palmer & Nathan Ross (twice)
6/80 Nathan Ross
5/15 Gary Buckley
5/17 Norm Stickland
5/22 Kieran McCluskey
5/28 Kieran McCluskey, Dave Simons & Jeff Boag
5/31 Jeff Boag
5/33 Clarrie Swan
5/34 Jeff Boag
5/39 Norm Stickland
5/40 Kieran McCluskey
5/43 Dave Simons
5/45 Peter Worland
5/52 Dale McCurdy
5/53 Wayne Ross
5/68 Cameron Park

Runs :
521 Bob Hough
507 Jim Chubb
426 Roy Watts
409 Marty Kelly
382 Craig Small
342 Aaron Wright
336 Matt Parkinson
332 Trevor Ryan
317 Gordon McLeod
314 Geoff Palmer
308 Steve Wisniewski
303 Mark Sargant and Neil Kent
301 Bob Hindle
293 Paul Rudd
289 Dale McCurdy
276 Kevin Ryan
262 Stephen Nennstiel
258 Gary Strong
256 Stuart McLeod
254 Mick Humphrey, Daniel Watts and Adam Chubb
253 Steve Meddings
248 Cameron Park and Steve Fishwick
246 Peter Worland, Doug Van Raay and David Worland
238 Cameron McLeod
235 Peter Ridgway and Bob Bowden
224 Jarrod Upton
204 Graham Vose
202 Alby Howie
195 Adrian Rodrigues
193 David Wisniewski
192 David Splatt
183 Ivan Meddings
181 Richard Hall
178 Gary Housley and Stuart Doolan
175 Alan Splatt
169 Peter Conell
167 Clarrie Swan & John Forrest
158 Paul Campbell
153 Paul Henderson

Wickets :
42 Steve Griffin
39 Dave Simons
37 Jeff Boag
36 Nathan Ross
33 Geoff Palmer and Peter Worland
30 Kieran McCluskey, Kieran Worland and Brian McCue
27 Norm Stickland
26 Mal Humphrey
24 Cameron Park
22 Clarrie Swan
18 Mick Humphrey, Dale McCurdy and Wayne Ross
17 Gareth Park & Daniel Watts
16 Damien Des Barres
15 Neil Kent, John Forrest and Gary Buckley
14 Gary Measham
13 Paul Rudd
12 Bob Hough, Matthew Swift, Greg Lamb, Brian Chapman and Paul Cooper
11 Greg Pretty 10 Laurence Hall

Fielding (Catches, Stumpings & Run Outs) :
28 Paul Campbell
24 Bob Martin
22 Kevin Ryan & Andrew Thorpe
14 Trevor Ryan, Alan Splatt & Jeff Roach
10 Dave Simons & Neil Kent
9 Jeff Boag, Steve Wisniewski and Peter Addicott
8 Daniel Watts, Phil Le Poidevin & Mark Sargant
7 Aaron Wright, Stuart McLeod, Paul Rudd, Steve Meddings & Brendan Kelly
6 Steve Griffin, Greg Lamb, Stuart Doolan, Bob Bowden, Alby Howie, David Wisniewski, Jarrod Upton and David Splatt
5 Kieran McCluskey, Gary Buckley, Bob Hough, Matthew Swift, Cameron McLeod, Craig Small, Steve Fishwick & Doug Van Raay

Trophy Winners for the Season were :

1st XI 2nd XI 3rd XI 4th XI 5th XI 6th XI 7th XI
Batting Cameron McLeod Gordon McLeod Geoff Palmer Marty Kelly Bob Hough Mick Humphrey Bob Hindle
Bowling Brian McCue Kieran McCluskey Geoff Palmer Peter Worland Steve Griffin Mal Humphrey Clarrie Swan
Captains Cameron Park Dale McCurdy Dave Simons Peter Worland Paul Campbell Steve Fishwick Jeff Roach

Best Clubman Clarrie Swan
President's Trophy Dale McCurdy
Player of the Year Bob Hough
Gordon McLeod Best Player Award Steve Griffin


In addition, Club Stalwart, Peter Worland offered to donate a perpetual trophy for the Best Under 21 Player . In this, its initial year, Jeff Boag took out the Award, following his excellent Season with the ball, aided by a magnificent 86 during the Season.

Following the Season, 25 of our members went on the Club's End-of-Season Trip to Adelaide. This trip, organised by Kieran McCluskey and Craig Small, was a great success and added to the tremendous comeraderie which already exists in the Club. One can only look forward to the future with nothing but confidence.

Junior Cricket :

The Club again fielded 7 Junior teams - two Under 12's, three Under 14's and two Under 16's. The Under 12's were managed by Doug Van Raay and Ralph De Silva, and while not playing for Premierships did well enough to suggest that the future of cricket for Long Island Cricket Club was still going to be well to the fore for at least the next few Seasons.

1 U14 East Washed Out
2 U14 East Long Island 1/179 J.Murphy 30ret, A.Fenton 30ret, B.Coates 50ret, J.Stanley 31no & 3/64 S.Hunt 30
defeated Frankston 10/93 M.Wilson 5/16
3 U14 East Long Island 6/154 B.coates 50ret, J.Tait 34no, S.Swift 38 defeated Frankston East 4/153
4 U14 East Long Island 2/19 & 4/83 B.Coates 33 drew with Baxter 4/85 S.swift 3/18
5 U14 East Long Island 9/144 B.Coates 50ret, S.Swift 30
defeated F'ston YCW 8/106 B.Coates 2/11, A.Dureau 2/23
6 U14 East Long Island 10/131 B.Coates 54, S.Swift 29 & 1/32 D.Collins 17
defeated Seaford 10/70 B.Coates 3/10, S.Wallace 3/7
7 U14 East Long Island 8/161 B.Coates 51ret, S.Swift 45 & 0/31 J.Stanley 18
defeated Somerville 6/108 S.Swift 2/25, D.Collins 2/4
8 U14 East Long Island 5/126 A.Fenton 26, B.Coates 36 defeated Mt Eliza 10/77 M.Wilson 3/23, S.Swift 2/12
9 U14 East Long Island 7/203 B.Coates 64no, S.Hunt 51no, M.Wilson 24
defeated Pines 10/36 B.Coates 5/4, S.Swift 2/2, S.Wallace 2/22
10 U14 East Long Island 0/48 J.Tait 21, J.Murphy 21 defeated Mornington 10/47 B.Coates 7/1
Semi Final U14 East Long Island 4/129 B.Coates 20, S.Swift 29, J.Murphy 17
lost to Frankston East 7/177 S.Swift 3/33, B.Coates 2/29

Some of the boys who did well were :

Runs :
149 Marcus Law
137 Lucas Van Raay
111 Adam Strong
108 Jarryd De Zilva
104 Sam Coates
85 John Oram
66 Damien Dureau
54 Brian Stone

Wickets :
16 Jarrod De Silva
13 Adam Wells
11 Adam Strong
9 John Oram
8 Marcus Law, Lucas Van Raay, Damien Dureau and Chris Hocking
7 Greg Wells and Andrew Smith
6 Andrew Rath

Encouragement Awards, sponsored by SPORTSCO , were presented to Adam Wells and Adam Poole.

The three Under 14 teams strove hard throughout the Season and were managed by Graham Cox, Marty Kelly and Cameron Park & Neil Kent. The Under 14 West team reached the Semi-Final but was beaten by the strong Delacombe Park, which in fact took out the Premiership a week later. The team was well served by Shane McDonald and David Collins with the bat and by bowlers Leigh Batey, Joel Stevenson and Peter Wilkinson. The Under 14 Central team struggled for most of the Season, but Grant Jeffries with 228 runs and a dozen wickets had a great Season as did Barry Brophy who scored over a hundred runs, and bowlers Robert French and Adam Dureau.
The Under 14 East team had a great Season and looked the team to beat, however our colours were lowered by Frankston East in the Semi-Final. Ben Coates, a player with outstanding ability, scored 408 runs and took 25 wickets, Stuart Swift scored more than 200 runs and picked up 14 wickets while Josh Murphy, Adam Fenton and Jason Stanley did well with the bat and Michael Wilson had some good days with the ball.

The two Semi Final scores were :

Long Island (West) 105 (M.Heller 21, S.McDonald 17, D.Collins 16) lost to Delacombe Park 4/111

Long Island (East) 4/129 (S.Swift 29, B.Coates 20, J.Murphy 17no) lost to Frankston East 7/177 (S.Swift 3/28, B.Coates 2/29)

The main performers in the Under 14's were :

Runs :
408 Ben Coates
228 Grant Jeffries
208 Stuart Swift
147 Shane McDonald
114 Josh Murphy
106 Adam Fenton and Barry Brophy
103 David Collins
102 Jason Stanley
94 Shawn Hunt
93 Glen Smith

Wickets :
25 Ben Coates
15 Leigh Batey
14 Stuart Swift and Joel Stevenson
13 Robert French
12 Michael Wilson
11 Grant Jeffries
10 Adam Dureau and Peter Wilkinson
9 Matthew Burr, Nicholas Tait and Shaun Clifton
7 Steven Wallace

Encouragement Awards were presented to Michael Wilson, Shaun Clifton and Adam Dureau.
The Under 16's were managed by Steve Wisniewski (aided and abetted by Gary Measham) and Gordon McLeod. Both teams reached the finals and the East team won their Semi-Final to go into the grand Final, but the Centrals lost their Semi-Final contest.

The Centrals struggled early in the Season but came home with an outright win, then a convincing win in the last match. In their Semi-Final however, Mornington, which they had beaten convincingly during the Season, was far too strong. Still the effort had been a good one, and a good learning year for a number of the younger members of the team. Baden McWilliams scored 408 runs, including a sparkling century during the Season, Trevor Johnston - an exceptionally talented wicketkeeper batted nicely, as did the ever-improving Michael Godfrey. The main bowlers wer Michael Godfrey, David Smith, Luke Ritchie and Patrick Van Raay.

The East team took all before it during the Season and cruised into the Grand Final defeating Frankston with Chris Traynor playing a blistering innings to set the game up for us - scoring 63 - while David Wisniewski scored 33 and David Splatt 45. Chris Traynor did well with the ball with 3 wickets and Sam Cooper picked up 3 also. Scores were :

Long Island 8/195 (D.Wisniewski 33, D.Splatt 45, C.Traynor 63no) defeated Frankston 8/123 (C.Traynor 3/34, S.Cooper 3/28)

Grand Final :
Our opponent in the Grand Final was the strong Baxter combination. We batted first and after a fine start by the two Davids - Wizza 45 and Splatty 28 - we collapsed, and our score of 141 was not the greatest but it did give us something to bowl at. Chris Traynor and John Forrest were magnificent, both bowling long spells, and for a long time we looked to have the Premiership in our grasp. Unfortunately, the 8th wicket stand realised 67 runs for Baxter and they ran out victors by 3 wickets.

Long Island 140 (D.Splatt 28, D.Wisniewski 45, J.Forrest 20) lost to Baxter 7/141 (C.Traynor 3/34, J.Forrest 3/60)

The better performers in the Under 16's were :

Runs :
430 David Wisniewski
408 Baden McWilliams
266 Sam Cooper and Paul Henderson
218 David Splatt
216 Trevor Johnston
191 Michael Godfrey
179 John Forrest

Wickets :
18 Michael Godfrey
15 John Forrest
14 Chris Traynor
12 David Smith and Luke Ritchie
10 Patrick Van Raay
8 Nathan Swan and Sam Cooper
7 David Coventry

Encouragement Awards were presented to Nathan Swan and Joel Newman.