1984/85 - so close!

LONG ISLAND had the same line-up on and off the field in 1984/85, with Wayne Ross, Bob Kent, Russ Wealands and Norm Stickland holding the Executive posts, and Paul Jones as Coach for the second Season. The members of the General Committee were Gordon McLeod, Peter Worland, Kevin Cook, Neil Stirling, Daryl Brown, Peter Watson, Barry Morgan, Dave Phillips and Dave Crompton. Norm Stickland took control of the Social activities with Viv Sargant again organising after-match meals. Club Membership was $50 (Families $70, Student $25 and Junior $20) while Match Fees were increased to $4. The Club fielded 6 Senior teams (no increase) and an Under 16 team, two Under 14 teams (an increase of one team) and again, two Under 12 teams. Junior Managers were Kevin Cook, assisted by Mark Ridgway, for the Under 16's, Gordon McLeod and Daryl Brown (Under 14's) and Peter Worland, Neil Stirling, Bob Smith, Wayne Carter and Lindsay Batey (Under 12's). Gordon McLeod was again the Club's Colts Co-ordinator. Paul Jones again did a tremendous job as Coach, taking the 1st XI to the Grand Final, and providing active assistance to the Juniors during the Season. The 1984/85 Season almost realised the immediate goal of the Club - to win the Grand Final in the District Grade and be promoted to the Provincial Grade of the MPCA - the ultimate in cricket on the Peninsula.

This Season the Club lost the services of Lindsay Batey - 50 games, 1545 runs [Highest Score 126] at 29.15%, John Garrick, who moved Interstate - 50 games, 432 runs [Highest Score 50 not out] and 85 wickets at 13.91%, Alex Kosub, retired -47 games, 71 wickets at 18.39%, Graeme Spence, Interstate - 45 games, 79 wickets at 17.10%, Doug McIntosh, Cleared back to Heatherhill, Aaron Brew, moved to the country - 36 games and 60 wickets at 16.17%, Peter Enness - 40 games and 790 runs [Highest Score 67] at 19.75%, Gavin Harry, Peter Smith, Grant Booker - Mt Martha, Danny Salt, Bill Fowler, Dave Muir, Col Munro, Ron Murphy, Mick Spencer, Peter Carroll, Paul McLeod, Ray Nolan and Barry Morgan. A number of these were to return to the Club at a later stage.

Kevin Stokes and Clarrie Swan returned to the Club after a Season's lay-off, along with newcomers Paul Denton, Gary Buckley, Phil Dunning, Peter Lipscomb, Tony Tait and Steve Fishwick. In addition, Juniors Richard Hall, Matthew Spence, Trevor Ryan, Peter Ridgway, Brett Cook, Shaun Staggard, Cameron Park, Neil Kent, Andrew Kitson, Stuart Doolan, Christopher Firth and Jason Day played with the Seniors. Graduates from the Under 16's were Mark Watson, Peter Conell, Dale McCurdy, Paul Heller, Scott Frey and Chris Ainalidis.

The 1st XI won 8 home and home games, won the Semi Final against Mt Martha in good style, with Ross Penberthy playing his best Innings for the Club in this game, then went down valiantly in the Grand Final to Baden Powell, eventually losing by 3 wickets in a hard-fought game.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 6/169 (P.Conell 36, P.Jones 52, G.McLeod 29no)
defeated Frankston East 96 (D.McCurdy 2/27, M.Watson 2/19, M.Ridgway 4/24) and 1/32
2 Long Island 198 (D.Brown 62, G.McLeod 21, M.Ridgway 20)
lost to Delacombe Park 6/296 (D.McCurdy 3/73, M.Watson 3/69) and 2/39
3 Long Island 205 (G.Vose 52, G.McLeod 59no) and 2/61 (P.Conell 37no)
defeated Carrum Downs 123 (G.Vose 4/44, M.Ridgway 6/31)
4 Long Island 7/267 (M.McDonald 102, P.Jones 39, D.Brown 34no, C.Small 22no, G.McLeod 27)
defeated Mt Martha 8/258 (M.Watson 4/72)
5 Long Island defeated Dromana 138 (M.Watson 5/19)
6 Long Island 266 (G.Vose 40, C.Munro 31, P.Jones 52, D.Brown 52)
lost to Tootgarook 329 (D.McCurdy 2/70, M.Ridgway 2/65, G.McLeod 2/45) and 0/13
7 Long Island 4/191 (P.Conell 82no, R.Penberthy 32, P.Jones 42) defeated Flinders 180 (M.Ridgway 4/37, P.Worland 3/51)
8 Long Island 6/177 (R.Penberthy 47) defeated Boneo 120 (M.Ridgway 4/15, P.Worland 3/36)
9 Long Island 9/254 and 6/73 defeated Rye 153

Semi-Final :
Long Island 3/173 (R.Penberthy 56, G.Vose 56no, M.McDonald 45no) defeated Mt Martha 4/164 (P.Worland 3/81)

This Grand Final was a super match from the bowling of the first ball, to the very end. We batted first, but lost early wickets. Only Potto was able to combat the bowlers, but with the loss of 4 wickets for less than 50 runs we were in a great deal of trouble. But Nobby entered the fray, and with a mixture of brilliance and big-hitting, Long Island started to gain the ascendancy. At the close of our Innings we had made 224 with Nobby Brown compiling a brilliant 104. We bowled without much luck, although it must be said that the early Baden Powell batsmen worked hard at their game and built their Innings' very well. But a sensational spell by Mark Ridgway saw three of them back in the Pavilion and the game in the balance. Mark continued to bowl well and he was well supported by Mark Watson. Unfortunately Baden Powell's early batting held the side in good stead and we missed out by one lousy wicket. While everybody was disappointed that we lost the Grand Final, nobody could have been disappointed with the way Long Island fought the game out to the end.

Grand Final :
Long Island 224 (D.Brown 104, P.Conell 44) lost to Baden Powell 9/232 (M.Ridgway 6/74, M.Watson 2/41)

Daryl Brown, who scored 104 in the Grand Final, and 390 runs for the Season, Mark Ridgway - 45 wickets, Gordon McLeod - 333 runs, Ross Penberthy - 322 runs, Mike McDonald - 314 runs and Mark Watson - 27 wickets all put in great Seasons, with consistency to the fore. It was an interesting Season by the 1st XI with Captain, Paul Jones (288) and Graham Vose (282) also scoring well over 200 runs, meaning that 6 Batsmen exceeded that tally for the Season.

The 2nd XI , under the leadership of Neil Stirling (211 runs), just failed to make the finals with 8 wins for the Season. Good performances with the bat came from Junior graduate Paul Heller - 334 runs, Ian Cookman - 233 runs, Craig Small - 236 runs, Russ Wealands - 184 runs and Junior player, Shaun Staggard - 210 runs who made his debut against the strong Mt Martha team in mid-Season and who handled the pressure well, while ex-Juniors Steve Griffin - 23 wickets and Dale McCurdy - 18 wickets, and veteran Wayne Ross - 22 wickets were the pick of the bowlers. Peter Worland (32 wickets) and Peter Conell (345 runs) who both performed well throughout the Season were rewarded for their performances in the 2nds, with promotions to the 1st XI for the finals.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 8/203 (P.Heller 22, N.Stirling 29, S.Griffin 35no, W.Ross 22, C.Small 28)
defeated Frankston East 82 (P.Worland 6/42, C.Small 4/22) and 1/53
2 Long Island 120 (P.Heller 26, P.Lipscomb 27no) lost to Delacombe Park 5/174 (N.Stirling 3/16)
3 Long Island 9/206 (P.Heller 42, R.Wealands 28, N.Stirling 43, C.Small 49)
defeated Carrum Downs 148 (P.Worland 4/54, S.Griffin 2/22, W.Ross 2/32)
4 Long Island 6/169 (S.Staggard 35no) lost to Mt Martha 7/267
5 Long Island 172 (S.Staggard 61, C.Firth 51no) defeated Dromana
6 Long Island 259 (P.Conell 53, P.Heller 26, I.Cookman 101) lost to Tootgarook 282 (S.Griffin 4/66, W.Ross 4/55)
7 Long Island 8/161 (N.Stirling 57, P.Lipscomb 42) defeated Flinders 124 (S.Griffin 5/36)
8 Long Island lost to Boneo 4/249
9 Long Island 3/305 (P.Conell 145, R.Wealands 105) defeated Rye 134 (S.Griffin 3/3) and 5/54

Dave Crompton led the 3rd XI to three wins for the Season. Unfortunately, the team lost a lot of its games by small margins and failed to make the four. Chris Firth - 347 runs, Bob Bowden - 253 runs, Wayne Carter - 245 runs, David Buckley - 184 runs and Les Thomas - 182 runs had good Seasons with the bat, while Dave Crompton performed well with the leather taking 27 wickets while ever-green Bob Kent took 18 and the reliable Ray Vivian took 15 wickets before illness caused his retirement. This team was in a similar to the Club's 2nd XI of a few Seasons back when the gap between the 1sts and the 2nds players was just a little too great. Similarly, our 3rds at this time were in the same situation, and the Club was not in a position where it could afford to lower players from the 2nds to the 3rds to assist Dave with his team. On the other side however, the emergence of players such as Chris Firth and youngsters coming up - David Buckley, Richard Hall, Paul Heller and Shaun Staggard - we could see some light at the end of the tunnel, albeit maybe a few Seasons away!

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 186 (C.Firth 96, L.Thomas 39) lost to Pines 5/250 (K.Stokes 3/39) and 2/34
2 Long Island 8/207 (C.Firth 86, S.Reynolds 49, W.Fowler 38) lost to Tootgarook 8/211 (R.Kent 3/34, D.Crompton 4/45)
3 Long Island 124 (L.Thomas 33, C.Firth 23) and 2/32 defeated Heatherhill 106 (D.Crompton 4/21, N.Stickland 3/26)
4 Long Island 9/202 lost to Delacombe Park 5/209 (P.Spencer 2/57, R.Kent 2/51)
5 Long Island 76 lost to Karingal
6 Long Island 188 (R.Bowden 69, T.Tait 35) lost to Mt Eliza 5/238 (D.Crompton 2/48)
7 Long Island 7/159 (T.Tait 47) drew with Baden Powell 7/106 (R.Kent 4/59)
8 Long Island 188 (T.Tait 72, W.Carter 57no, C.Firth 20) lost to Frankston YCW
9 Long Island 6/206 (G.Kellerman 50, W.Carter 48no, C.Ainalidis 34) lost to Seaford 285

The 4th XI , under the watchful eye of Peter Watson, reached the Semi Final with 8 good wins during the Season, only to have their attempt for the flag foiled by bad weather in the Semi Final. Armin Otto - 160 runs at 40.00%, Richard Carter - 294 runs, Paul Spencer - 26 wickets, Grant Kellerman - 207 runs and Richard Hall - 269 runs showed good form during the year. Watto led by example with 241 runs and 23 wickets.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 2/120 (R.Carter 37, D.Stickland 34no, G.Sargant 28no) and 0/44 (R.Carter 30no)
defeated Sorrento 31 (P.Spencer 6/8, P.Watson 3/17) and 126 (P.Spencer 3/29, S.Staggard 3/29)
2 Long Island 9/253 (P.Watson 54, C.Swan 40) defeated Mornington 146 (C.Small 4/16, P.Spencer 3/20)
3 Long Island 3/149 (D.Buckley 51, R.Carter 46) defeated Dromana 80 (G.Carbis 4/40, P.Spencer 4/31)
and 62 (P.Watson 4/5, C.Small 2/8)
4 Long Island 110 (D.Stickland 36) lost to Boneo 116
5 Long Island 153 (D.Buckley 30) defeated Rosebud 149 (S.Frey 5/42, P.Watson 3/32)
6 Long Island 7/332 (R.Hall 57, R.Carter 42, G.Buckley 32, A.Otto 96no) defeated Main Ridge 8/237 (D.Phillips 3/67)
7 Long Island 8/186 (R.Carter 83, G.Buckley 35) lost to Tootgarook 5/225
8 Long Island lost to Mt Eliza 9/208 (A.Otto 4/62)
9 Long Island 9/284 (R.Hall 100) and 2/26 defeated Hastings 224

Semi-Final :
Long Island 8/49 lost to Tootgarook 191

Ron McWilliams led the 5th XI to 7 wins for the Season with some good batting performances during the year, scoring 184 runs and also picking up 13 wickets. Phil Dunning, in his first Season with the Club, turned in some incredible bowling performances to assist the team taking 37 wickets including the Club Record of 9/28. Phil also scored over 200 runs for the Season. Others who did well were Kevin Cook - 253 runs and Scott Frey - 15 wickets.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 103 defeated Baxter 101 (D.Dodson 4/22, E.Speed 3/23) and 3/63
2 Long Island 98 (D.Dodson 18) and 4/132 (K.Cook 64) lost to Mt Eliza 8/105 (G.Pretty 3/38, P.Dunning 2/37)
3 Long Island 9/138 defeated Karingal 74 (P.Dunning 9/28) and 4/102
4 Long Island 187 defeated Baden Powell 57 (G.Buckley 4/10, P.Denton 3/21) and 107 (R.Vivian 4/37, P.Dunning 3/10)
5 Long Island defeated Frankston East 65 (G.Buckley 3/18)
6 Long Island 209 (P.Dunning 65, K.Cook 52, D.Coe 41) defeated Carrum Downs 159 (P.Dunning 3/27, R.Vivian 4/51)
and 3/26 (P.Dunning 3/5)
7 Long Island 173 (P.Dunning 42, G.Sargant 21) lost to Heatherhill 8/202 (R.McWilliams 4/42, G.Carbis 2/54)
8 Long Island 82 lost to Seaford
9 Long Island 138 lost to Pines 288

The 6th XI was again capably led by Bob Smith, and although the team only registered 2 wins and a Draw for the Season, a number of promising performances were recorded. Cameron Park - 241 runs and 23 wickets, Gary Buckley - 389 runs (including a splendid 127) and 23 wickets and Bob Smith - 292 runs turned in some excellent efforts during the year, and were rewarded with selection in higher Grades as the Season progressed.

Milestones :
100 Games

Ray Vivian,
Kevin Cook
Gordon McLeod.

50 Games
Richard Carter,
John Denton,
David Dodson,
Peter Watson,
Mark Ridgway,
Trevor Bailey,
Mark Watson,
Norm Stickland,
Antony Griffin,
Mike McDonald,
Ron McWilliams,
Ray Harley
Graham Vose.

3000 runs
Gordon McLeod

100 Wickets
Clarrie Swan

1000 runs
Richard Carter,
Kevin Stokes

50 wickets
Dave Crompton,
Greg Pretty,
Paul Spencer,
Norm Stickland
Mark Watson

During the Season, Ray Vivian took his 250th wicket for the Club, and a couple of weeks later was struck down with illness, and was unable to continue his playing career, and had to give the game he loves so much away. Ray was unable to attend matches for the remainder of the Season, but made an appearance at the Club's Presentation Night, receiving a standing ovation from all in attendance. Although not able to play anymore, Ray has continued to follow the Club each Saturday providing (in his opinion) excellent advice to whoever is in earshot. Ray has even made it a point to move into earshot if he feels his advice isn't being heeded. Seriously though, Ray is a great supporter of the Long Island Cricket Club, and the only occasions he is missing he always has a pressing reason - like his annual holiday to America or Europe!!!

Award winners for the Season were :

1sts: Gordon McLeod Mark Ridgway Daryl Brown
2nds: Ian Cookman Peter Worland Paul Heller
3rds: Chris Firth David Crompton Bob Bowden
4ths: Armin Otto Paul Spencer Richard Hall
5ths: Ron McWilliams Phil Dunning John Kitson
6ths: Bob Smith Cameron Park Ray Allen
President's Trophy Cameron Park
Best Clubman Wayne Ross
Player of the Year Mark Ridgway

Centuries :
102 Mike McDonald
104 Daryl Brown
145 Peter Conell
105 Russ Wealands
101 Ian Cookman
100 Richard Hall
123 Ron McWilliams
127 Gary Buckley

Bowling :
9/28 Phil Dunning (including a Hat-trick)
7/37 Cameron Park

During the Season the Club had a number of players whose contributions were excellent :

Runs :
476 Peter Conell
390 Daryl Brown
389 Gary Buckley
347 Chris Firth
334 Paul Heller
333 Gordon McLeod
322 Ross Penberthy
314 Mike McDonald
294 Richard Carter
292 Bob Smith
288 Paul Jones
282 Graham Vose
269 Richard Hall
253 Bob Bowden & Kevin Cook
245 Wayne Carter
241 Cameron Park & Peter Watson
236 Craig Small
233 Ian Cookman
211 Neil Stirling
210 Shaun Staggard
209 Phil Dunning
207 Grant Kellerman
200 Kevin Stokes
184 David Buckley, Ron McWilliams & Russ Wealands
182 Les Thomas
179 Tony Tait
175 Antony Griffin

Wickets :
45 Mark Ridgway
39 Peter Worland
37 Phil Dunning
27 Dave Crompton & Mark Watson
26 Paul Spencer
23 Gary Buckley, Cameron Park, Steve Griffin & Peter Watson
22 Wayne Ross
18 Dale McCurdy & Bob Kent
15 Scott Frey, Ron McWilliams & Ray Vivian
13 Greg Carbis & Greg Pretty
12 David Dodson & Norm Stickland

Graham Vose represented the District Grade in the Annual District v Sub-District (MPCA) Match, and Gordon McLeod polled 8 votes in the E.G.Betts Award for the Best Player in the District Competition, finishing 4th in the voting. Mark Ridgway polled 7 votes and Peter Conell and Daryl Brown scored 5 each.

Following the success and development of the Club's Junior teams, the Club entered an additional Under 14 team. Although the Under 16's and the two Under 14 teams failed to reach the finals, the development of the boys went ahead in leaps and bounds. The Under 12's, although not playing for Premiership points, performed well. Good performers throughout the Season were :

Under 16's :
Matthew Spence - 3/16, Shaun Staggard - 30, 44no and 48, Richard Hall - 35 ,Brett Cook - 54, Jason Day - 3/46 and David Patterson - 38.
One Scorecard available v Frankston Long Island 10/106 D.Patterson 34, R.Hall 14 lost to Frankston 4/160 M.Spence 3/51
View Batting and View Bowling

Under 14's :
Terry Swan - 3/29, Marty Kelly - 3/0, Cameron Park - 42, 51no, 50no, 50no, 50no and 37, Andrew Kitson - 3/17, Stuart Doolan - 4/7, Neil Kent - 3/26 and 3/25, S.Stevens - 3/18, Simon Leighton - 51no, Ashley Gardner - 33, Steven Nennstiel - 50no and 32, Craig Ryan - 3/16, Christopher Firth - 36, Gary Housley - 53no and Josh Crompton - 6/9.
One Scorecard available v Frankston Long Island 4/201 & 1/21 C.Park 53ret, N.Kent 43ret, C.Ryan 20 defeated Frankston 10/109 C.Ryan 3/23,
C.Park 2/14 P.Fellowes 2/19 View Batting 1st Innings / View Batting 2nd Innings and View Bowling

Under 12's :
Stuart McLeod - 27no, 3/4 and 27, Adam MacPherson - 30no, Alistair Black - 21no, Dean Stirling - 20, 27no, 3/2 and 3/3, Sean Kelly - 25no and 24, Gareth Park - 33no and 27, Shane Brown - 33no, David Worland - 3/7, Cameron McLeod 3/7 and Brett Greenough - 31no 3/6.

Junior Award Winners for the Season were :

Under 16's Shaun Staggard Jason Day David Patterson
Under 14's Cameron Park Craig Ryan Ashley Gardner
  Steve Nennsteil S.Stevens David Worrall
Under 12's Gareth Park Doug Van Raay Shane Brown
  Sean Kelly & Dean Stirling Brett Greenough Alistair Black

In his final report, Paul Jones reported on the "satisfactory start to the Season with the younger players who had come through the ranks doing very well. However things tapered off at one stage, but following a Special Players' Meeting, player attitude improved. To finish the Season as Runners-up in the District Competition was excellent considering that 6 or 7 players had been lost to the Club who last Season had played 1sts or 2nds ... the Club can confidently look forward to success as young players, together with experienced players should come on and see the Club in the Finals again next Season."

Life Memberships were conferred upon Rhonda Ross, Gordon McLeod and Kevin Cook, for their years' of excellent service to the Club. Rhonda had never served on the Committee of the Club, but had always been on-hand whenever needed. She had served on the Social Committee over the years and had provided assistance and guidance to the Club whenever social functions were being arranged. Gordon pleased the Club no end in 1977 when he first agreed to sit on the Committee - not because of his perceived administrative ability, but because we knew that he was still going to be around. In later years we were to find that Gordon's administrative skills were as good as the skills he has shown on the field.
Kevin joined the Club in 1975, the Club's second year of existence. He has been a member of the Committee for the majority of Seasons since, and has looked after the Juniors since their inception. Always a hard worker, Kevin was never afraid to pitch in, and in fact has always been one of the first to put in. The Long Island Cricket Club has been extremely lucky to have three such workers and members, and the honour of Life Membership was small reward for their deeds.