1983/84 - at last, the horizon brightens

WAYNE ROSS took over from Bob Kent as President and Russ Wealands was gradually eased into the Secretary's position. Bob became Vice President and Norm Stickland continued as Treasurer. With Kevin Stokes' departure (due to studies) the position of Secretary became vacant, and the Club was unable to fill this most vital position at it's Annual General Meeting. The elected General Committee was Gordon McLeod, Peter Worland, Neil Stirling, Peter Watson, Barry Morgan, Armin Otto and Russ Wealands. The Committee spent some considerable time looking for it's Secretary and finally came up with the excellent choice of Russ Wealands. Russ' place on the Committee was taken by Kevin Cook. The Membership and Match Fees remained the same as last Season. A Social Committee, which was to prove quite active and successful, was formed, comprising Peter Worland (Chairman), Barry Morgan, Norm Stickland, Rhonda Ross, Glenda Kent and Jan Wealands. This Committee was responsible for the well-organised Social Functions and a number of very good times during the Season. The Club was still upgrading the Clubrooms, and purchased a number of tables and chairs. Geoff Sargant handled the construction of these chairs and did some repair work in the kitchen. The Club, in conjunction with the Rugby Club, put in a Security System, and all-in-all spent over $3,000 on the Clubrooms and Capital Improvements.

Club Sponsors for the Season were Morgan's Paints and ESANDA.

Following the success of the sixth team in Season 1982/83, plus the number of Juniors moving into, and wishing to play, Senior cricket, the Club decided to enter 6 Senior teams, an Under 16, Under 14 and two Under 12 teams into the Competition. Gordon McLeod was appointed to the newly created position of Colts Co-ordinator. The Club advertised widely for a Coach during the off-season, but was not happy with the result, so approached Paul Jones who played with the Club last Season. Paul, at first a little hesitant to accept the position, took over the role and did a magnificent job. The fact that five of the six Senior teams made the finals verifies this. Captains for the Season were Paul Jones (1sts), Wayne Ross (2nds), Bob Kent (3rds), Ron McWilliams (4ths), John Garrick (5ths) and Peter McDonald (6ths). Unfortunately Peter was not able to devote his time to the task required of a Captain, and stood down. Junior Managers were Peter Watson (Under 16's), Gordon McLeod (Under 14's) and Peter Worland and Bob Smith (Under 12's).

Alan Morris - 33 games, Les Munro (retired) - 82 games and 1068 runs, Kevin Stokes (studies) - 62 games, 966 runs [Highest Score 74] and 76 wickets, Clarrie Swan - 67 games, 1140 [Highest Score 76] runs and 91 wickets, Dermot Brereton (Cleared back to Heatherhill) - 20 games, 431 runs [Highest Score 59] and 28 wickets, Max Burrows (retired) - 31 games, 575 runs and 7 wickets, Gerry McDonald (Interstate), Ian McIvor (Interstate), Darren Otto, Mick Mitic - 25 games, 410 runs [Highest Score 72 not out] and 12 wickets and Ray Dean left the Club.
Kevin, Clarrie, Gerry and Mick were to rejoin the Club in preceding Seasons, while Dermot had been ordered by the Hawthorn Football Club to give cricket away (after suffering a leg injury while playing with Long Island), so he returned to his old Club to continue his cricket - albeit in a social vein.
Ray Kinsey, Col Munro (Baden Powell & Baxter) and Dave Phillips (after a two-year stint with Pearcedale) returned to play. Other recruits included Daryl "Nobby" Brown (Seaford), Des Stickland, David Buckley, Greg Carbis (Karingal), Phil Pollard, Chris Firth (Senior) (Mt Eliza), John Kitson, Peter Carroll, Daryl Coe, Steve Coe, Paul McLeod, Ray Nolan, Mick Spencer and Paul Spencer. Graduating from the Junior ranks to the Senior ranks were Craig Small, Aaron Brew and Graham Vose - a pretty handy trio in anyone's language. Juniors who played with the Seniors through the Season were Chris Ainalidis, Grant Kellerman, Dale McCurdy, Mark Watson, Peter Conell and Steve Griffin.

1983/84 was undoubtedly the Club's most successful on the field to date. Although the Under 16's were the only team to win a Premiership, the fact that five out of six Senior teams made the finals was indicative of the efforts put in by players at all levels, and was a direct reflection on the way that the Club was coached by Paul Jones.

Paul Jones took the 1st XI into the Semi Final against the exceptionally strong Pines combination after only 2 losses during the Season. Unfortunately, we lost this match by some 4 runs, but not before a tremendous fighting effort by all players. Our batsmen put up a good effort and towards the end of the first day we looked to be in a very good position, but the loss of quick wickets towards the end of play set us back a bit. Our bowlers stuck to the task but luck didn't come our way. Pines incidentally went on to win the Premiership and moved into the Provincial Competition where they took out the 1984/85 Premiership also. Mark Ridgway, Mike McDonald, Graham Vose and Dave Muir excelled throughout the Season.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 6/141 (M.McDonald 44, D.Muir 44no) defeated Boneo 85 (M.Ridgway 6/31) and 5/104 (G.Booker 3/19)
2 Long Island 7/130 (R.Penberthy 60) defeated Frankston East 84 (A.Kosub 2/18, G.McLeod 2/4, M.Ridgway 3/33, D.Muir 3/30)
and 1/45
3 Long Island 8/230 (G.McLeod 80, M.McDonald 65) defeated Delacombe Park 9/200 (M.Ridgway 3/47, A.Kosub 2/26, D.Muir 2/36)
4 Long Island 5/168 (D.Brown 31, G.Vose 32, C.Munro 39no) drew with Carrum Downs 8/112 (G.Vose 3/38, D.Muir 3/27)
5 Long Island 5/214 (R.Penberthy 21, G.Vose 55, C.Munro 30, G.McLeod 25no, M.McDonald 55no)
defeated Sorrento 9/173 (G.Booker 3/34, M.Ridgway 3/46)
6 Long Island 5/111 (D.Brown 37no) defeated Dromana 107 (G.Vose 3/39, M.Ridgway 3/19) and 4/82
7 Long Island 183 (G.McLeod 42, D.Muir 34) lost to Baden Powell 4/231
8 Long Island 9/261 (M.McDonald 51, D.Brereton 49, D.Muir 38no, P.Jones 37) defeated Rosebud 192 (G.McLeod 4/36)
9 Long Island lost to Pines 8/212

Semi-Final :
Long Island 9/232 lost to Pines 6/233

The 2nd XI , captained by Wayne Ross, played off for the Premiership, but we failed by just 3 wickets in the Grand Final. Ray Kinsey, Peter Conell, Neil Stirling, Mark Watson and Peter Worland were very good performers in this fine team which although losing only one of its Home and Home games, had to win the last game of the Season to stay in the Four.

We won the Semi Final against Carrum Downs pretty easily with Grant Booker taking 5 wickets and with Lindsay Batey excelling with the bat.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 4/226 (M.Burrows 39, P.Worland 63, N.Stirling 84no) defeated Boneo 86 (A.Brew 4/29) and 2/90
2 Long Island 7/195 (L.Batey 62, N.Stirling 39no, W.Carter 39) defeated Frankston East 7/190 (P.Worland 3/43, P.Carroll 3/64)
3 Long Island 9/150 (D.Brown 24, P.Worland 25) and 1/16 defeated Delacombe Park 136 (B.Morgan 2/22, P.Carroll 4/44, A.Brew 3/40)
4 Long Island 1/29 drew with Carrum Downs 131 (P.Worland 4/27)
5 Long Island defeated Sorrento 122 (P.Worland 4/29, P.Carroll 3/47)
6 Long Island 5/143 (P.Conell 48) defeated Dromana 108 (A.Brew 5/49, M.Watson 3/28)
7 Long Island 9/215 lost to Baden Powell 3/245 (W.Ross 2/45)
8 Long Island 4/174 (R.Kinsey 45, D.Phillips 68) defeated Rye 116 (P.Worland 4/40) and 1/54
9 Long Island 6/244 (M.Watson 87no) defeated Pines 101 (P.Worland 2/36, M.Watson 6/43, A.Brew 2/18)

Semi-Final :
Long Island 6/114 (L.Batey 39) defeated Carrum Downs 109 (G.Booker 6/36, M.Watson 2/21)

In the Grand Final we started reasonably steadily but some suicidal batting by the middle order didn't help the cause. Our score of 176 was only just respectable, and was helped along by a sensational 48 from Peter Worland who threw caution to the wind and despatched the Baden Powell bowlers all over the field. Our bowlers put up a creditable performance with Peter Carroll and skipper Wayne Ross doing a lot of the work, and with Peter's 5/72 off 28 overs being the highlight. While in with a chance going into the final day we just couldn't get the breakthrough required, but went down fighting - if only Umpire Roy Watts could have raised the finger once or twice!!!

Grand Final :
Long Island 176 ( P.Conell 48, P.Worland 48) lost to Baden Powell 7/177 (P.Carroll 5/72)

The 3rd XI , led by Bob Kent, performed creditably just failing to make the finals. Wayne Carter, Dave Phillips, Gavin Harry and Craig Small did well. Good individual performances were Wayne Carter - 84no and 40, Peter Watson - 43no, Craig Small - 5/51, 3/32, 7/78 and 4/106, Graeme Spence - 3/28, 5/38 and 6/18, Bob Bowden - 48, Peter Conell - 41, Dave Phillips - 49no, Paul Denton - 40 and Barry Morgan - 3/91.

The 4th XI were led by Ron McWilliams who, with a batting average of 43.67% showed the way. Ron had capable support from Dave Crompton, Les Thomas and Dale McCurdy. They made the four, but were beaten in the Semi Final.

Semi-Final :
Long Island 144 (L.Thomas 33, C.Firth 29) lost to Seaford 9/250 (D.Crompton 2/49, D.McCurdy 2/17, N.Stickland 2/70, R.Vivian 2/41)

During the Season, the following performances were recorded - Ron McWilliams - 72, 137, 51 and 72, Les Thomas - 48 and 57, Dave Crompton - 43, 3/25 5/32 and 55, Bill Fowler - 43 and Chris Firth - 104 and 4/37.

The 5th XI made the finals for the third consecutive year, again under the captaincy of John Garrick, but were beaten in their Semi Final also. Steve Griffin, Peter Smith and Danny Salt showed their capabilities throughout the Season. Good individual performances were provided by Peter Enness - 40 and 53, Danny Salt - 4/77, 4/65 and 46no, Peter Smith - 5/20, Doug McIntosh - 4/27, Des Stickland - 41 and Antony Griffin - 58.

Semi-Final :
Long Island 176 lost to Mt Eliza 206

The 6th XI was an outstanding success. Led by Bob Smith, it made the finals only to be beaten in a hard-fought Semi Final. Bob had an excellent Season, and was well supported by Paul Spencer, Phil Pollard, Steve Coe and David Buckley. Individual performances recorded were Danny Salt - 4/38 and 4/77, Greg Carbis - 3/16, John Kitson - 40, Richard Carter - 60, Phil Pollard - 77no, Doug McIntosh - 3/61, Bob Smith - 63 and Paul Spencer - 3/69.

Trophy winners for the Season were :

  Batting Bowling Captain's
1st XI Dave Muir Mark Ridgway Paul Jones
2nd XI Mark Watson Peter Worland Ray Kinsey
3rd XI Wayne Carter Craig Small Dale McCurdy
4th XI Ron McWilliams Dave Crompton Les Thomas
5th XI Steve Griffin Peter Smith John Garrick
6th XI     Bob Smith
Player of the Year Peter Worland
President's Trophy Barry Morgan
Best Clubman Norm Stickland
1st XI Captains Awards Mark Ridgway, Graham Vose and Mike McDonald

Centuries :
Ron McWilliams - 137 ;
Chris Firth - 104 and 106 ;
Richard Carter - 116no

Bowling :
Grant Booker - 7/17 ;
Peter Worland - 7/28 ;
Craig Small - 7/78 ;
Greg Carbis - 7/25

Gordon McLeod and Greg Carbis

50 Games
Col Munro,
Ross Penberthy,
Ray Kinsey,
Lindsay Batey,
Peter Worland,
Bill Fowler,
Steve Reynolds
John Garrick.

100 wickets
Mark Ridgway

1000 runs
Ian Cookman,
Mike McDonald
Russ Wealands

50 wickets
Grant Booker,
Barry Morgan,
Danny Salt
Peter Smith

The leading players for the Club during the Season were :

Runs :
393 Ron McWilliams
360 Mike McDonald
353 Les Thomas
345 Peter Conell
339 Graham Vose
326 Richard Carter
322 Wayne Carter
308 Lindsay Batey
298 Dave Phillips
274 Neil Stirling
262 Antony Griffin
247 Darryl Brown
246 Des Stickland
245 Steve Griffin
232 Chris Firth
231 Russ Wealands
227 Gordon McLeod
223 Bob Bowden
200 Ray Kinsey
198 Trevor Griffin
196 Bob Smith
192 Gavin Harry
186 Ross Penberthy
181 Dave Crompton & Peter Worland
180 Ross Lacy
176 Norm Stickland
174 Dave Muir
168 Peter Enness
158 David Buckley
150 Col Munro

Wickets :
33 Peter Smith
32 Mark Ridgway, Danny Salt and Peter Worland
28 Craig Small
26 Aaron Brew
25 Paul Spencer
24 Grant Booker
23 Dave Crompton
21 Dale McCurdy and Mark Watson
20 Greg Carbis
19 Ray Vivian, Peter Carroll, Bob Kent and Graeme Spence
17 John Garrick
16 Dave Muir and Des Stickland
15 Alex Kosub
13 Chris Firth, Steve Griffin, Greg Pretty and Norm Stickland
12 Doug McIntosh
11 Kevin Cook, John Denton, Graham Vose, Barry Morgan and Gordon McLeod
10 Steve Coe and David Buckley

The Club was represented by Under 16's, Under 14's and two Under 12 teams. The Under 16's won the Premiership for the second year in succession - in fact this team had now won its last three Grand Finals -while the Under 14's, undefeated all Season, lost the Grand Final - the second time that this has happened to a Long Island team! During the Season, the team was well served by Peter Conell - 58, 61no, 50, 42 not out and 126, Mark Watson - 3/29, 49no, 3/33, 4/25, 4/17, 105no and 3/19, Dale McCurdy - 4/24, 4/11, 5/15 and 3/22, Malcolm Smith 54 and Steve Griffin 38no.

In the Under 16 Grand Final we started well with "Potto" and Paul Heller in good touch, Malcolm Smith who "came of age" in the Semi Final with a fine 50, and Mark Watson all combining to have us in a solid position at 2/141, however the whels came unstuck in the latter part of the innings with only Shaun Staggard and Scott Frey showing fight. Still, 182 in a Junior Grand Final isn't too bad, and we did have those runs on the board. Seaford had to catch us. They were never in the hunt - mainly due to a sensational spell by Dale McCurdy, who took 7/42 in a fiery display. In the end it was an easy victory for the boys - the third Premiership in a row to this fine team.

Grand Final :
Long Island 182 (P.Heller 38, M.Watson 56) defeated Heatherhill 112 (D.McCurdy 7/42)

The Under 14's , after an excellent Season, struggled in this game after scoring only 78 in the 1st Innings, with only Chris Firth and Tony Graham getting into double-figures with the bat. Cameron Park and Matty Spence spear-headed the attack and kept the runs down. Then Craig "Cuddles" Ryan literally had them in a spin, but unfortunately for the bowlers we didn't have enough runs on the board.

Grand Final :
Long Island 78 lost to Frankston 131 (M.Spence 2/15, C.Ryan 3/16)

During the Season, Matthew Spence - 3/7 and 3/3, Richard Hall - 45, 43 and 30, Tony Graham - 52no, 33 and 4/11, Cameron Park - 52no, 3/19 and 3/12, Andrew Kitson - 3/10, Dave Simons - 3/17 and Ashley Gardner - 31no all did well.

In the Under 12's we were very well served by Simon Laverty - 3/14 and 3/20, Shane Brown - 4/6, Aaron Wright - 3/12, Marty Kelly - 25, Neil Kent - 25no, Andrew Vose - 26 and 3/10, Gareth Park - 4/15, Josh Crompton - 3/4 and Simon Leighton - 3/12.

Junior Awards for the Season were :

  Batting Bowling
Under 16's Peter Conell Dale McCurdy & Mark Watson
Under 14's Richard Hall David Simons
Under 12's Neil Kent, Doug Van Raay & Stuart McLeod Gareth Park & Jonathon Porter
Coach's Awards Malcolm Smith, Matthew Spence, Stephen Streitberg & Paul Triffett.

Bob Kent sponsored the Junior Presentations and Peter Watson donated Books for Encouragement Awards.

In his end-of-Season report, Paul Jones stated : "players appeared to have a different committment to their play this year. Practice attendances had improved and this was reflected by the better performances by players in all grades... players were quite motivated... the Club is on the threshold of many long years of success." In the President's Statement, Wayne Ross thanked "Russell Wealands as Secretary, Paul Jones who did a wonderful job as Coach, Norm Stickland as Treasurer and for his tremendous assistance around the Club, Viv Sargant for organising the after-match meals, Barry Morgan for his generous sponsorship and assistance, and to Peter Worland's Social Committee for their work in organising Social Functions throughout the Season."

Life Membership of the Club was conferred upon Bob Kent for his outstanding service with the Club over the years. Bob joined the Club in 1976/77 and made history in his very first game when he became the first Long Island player to become a casualty during a match - he broke his nose when attempting a catch (Bob's speciality never was his fielding!!!). To the end of this Season, Bob had played 79 games, had scored 708 runs [Highest Score 62] and had taken 123 wickets at 20.36%. Bob was Club President in 1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82 and 1982/83, and was Vice President this Season.