ANDY GILROY-SCOTT, the Club's original (and only) Treasurer, decided that enough was enough, and handed the portfolio to Norm Stickland. Andy resided comfortably on the Committee benches for the Season. Bob Kent remained the Club's President, Wayne Ross served his second term as Vice President and Kevin Stokes was Secretary. The General Committee consisted of Peter Worland, Ray Kinsey, Russ Wealands, Peter Watson, Andy Gilroy-Scott, Armin Otto and Ray Vivian. Ray Kinsey resigned early in the Season and was replaced by Graeme Spence. Clarrie Swan was co-opted to the Committee as Fund-Raising Manager. Membership Fees were raised to $50 (Family $65, Student $25, Junior $15) and Match fees were set at $2.

It was at the start of the 1982/83 Season that the Club moved headquarters to McClelland Drive - the results of many years' of negotiation and lobbying with the Frankston Council by members of the Long Island Cricket Club, in conjunction with the Frankston Rugby Union Football Club. Since 1978 the Club, in conjunction with the Frankston Rugby Union Football Club, had been in contact with the Frankston City Council endeavouring to upgrade the facilities at Worland Park. The ground was not really suitable for District (or even Sub-District) cricket and the pavilion, although many a good time had been had in the rooms, was not the most congenial place around. Finally the Council had agreed (in 1981) to Plans which had been developed by a sub-committee representing the two Clubs. The Long Island Cricket Club's members of this sub-committee over the years were Wayne Ross, Andy Gilroy-Scott, Barry Cotterell, Jeff Wheaton, Bob Kent and Peter Watson while Graeme Duckitt, Peter Strauss, Lloyd Johns and Les Lindley were representatives of the Rugby Club. In August 1982, the Council erected the shell of the pavilion, and the Clubs took over the completion of the interior. The Rugby Club members completed the interior of the pavilion, including lining the ceiling, finishing the toilets and washing areas, the Kitchen and Bar areas, providing the heating and hot water services and paving outside. The Cricket Club members initially sealed the floors, painted throughout and added a folding partition to the rooms to divide the entertainment area from the Change area.

During this Season the Club laid carpet throughout the rooms and purchased tables and chairs. The result of the substantial work by both Clubs was that we all gained the benefit of having a comfortable area where players could, and did, recline after a hard day's play. Long Island Cricket Club was well served in setting-up the Clubrooms by Andy Gilroy-Scott, Jack Sommerville, John Garrick, Bob Kent, Wayne Ross, Dave Muir, Geoff Sargant, Peter Worland, Bill Fowler, Kevin Cook, Ray Kinsey, Russ Wealands, Ray Vivian (Supervisor) and Kevin Stokes. The work put in by Andy and his father-in-law, Jack Sommerville was exceptional, and their enginuity in providing the folding partition was something to behold, and probably only equalled a little later by Norm Stickland when he organised brother Doug to obtain carpet from a city building.
In addition, Barry Morgan (Morgan's Paints) supplied the paint and utensils and Roy Booth (a supporter) provided trestles and ladders (as did Jack Sommerville). Peter Watson cleared the site around the building and Doug Stickland deserves another mention for his exploits in obtaining the carpet. Soon after the start of the Season the Joint Building Committee met and calculated that the Rugby Club had spent $2,200 and the Cricket Club $1,900 on the Clubrooms. In addition to the move to McClelland Drive and the provision of spacious Clubrooms, the Club decided that it was a must to construct practice facilities, and the construction of the three practice wickets was handled by Peter Watson. The Club then arranged for Kevin Ryan Senior to erect the wire netting which he had acquired from whereabouts nobody knew and some which Andy Gilroy-Scott obtained. Prior to the Season starting, three enclosed practice wickets were constructed and being used in preparation for the 1982/83 Season. The Clubrooms were officially opened for the Long Island Cricket Club (they had been opened earlier for the Rugby Club) by Alan Curtis (MPCA President) who was invited by the Club to open the Clubrooms and Present the Under 14 1981/82 Premiership Flag, together with his wife Margaret and Des and Bev Halse (Secretary of the Association). One sour note on the move to McClelland Drive was a communique from the Frankston Council which accused the Club of removing trees from the northern perimeter of the ground. Naturally this was denied because the only reason for doing this would have been to increase the size of the playing area. The Club wrote back to the Council which accepted the Club's reply. The matter was reported in the "Independent News" some 15 months' later which added some unwanted stress to a well-performed leg-spinner, but after assurances that everything was alright, he settled down to enjoy his cricket.

Rob Dean and Col Munro were appointed as Co-Coaches, but both resigned prior to the start of the Season - Rob to take on the job as Senior Coach at Frankston East, while Col returned to Baden Powell. Without an on-field leader, we approached Gordon McLeod to take over the role, and Gordon agreed. On the field, we performed marginally better than the previous Season in Seniors, but the Juniors took out two Premierships. In the Senior Grades, the biggest improvement was seen in the batting, with 14 players scoring more than 200 runs compared with only eight players managing to do that last Season.

In 1982/83 Les Thomas, Lindsay Batey, Graeme Spence, Neil Stirling, Barry Morgan, Alan Morris, Ron Murphy and Steve Reynolds resumed playing, while new players included Bob Smith, Dave Crompton, Paul Jones, Ross Lacy and Danny Salt. Among the players who left the Club were Rob Dean, who was appointed Coach of Frankston East. Rob had taken on the coaching position in 1977/78 and in his first Season took the 1sts to the Runner-up position in the District Grade. This was the only Season that the team reached the Finals, but the Club had severe problems in recruiting players, mainly because of our home ground - Worland Park - and also because of the lack of Practice Facilities. During his 5 Seasons with the Club, Rob played 57 games, batted 58 times (7 not outs) and scored 1227 runs, with a Highest Score of 93 not out. He took 28 wickets at a cost of 21.39% with his "donkey drops". Rob was an excellent leader and a great tactician. He was also a great Clubman who put in everything for the Long Island Cricket Club. Other players who left the Club were Glen Farrow (46 games, 508 runs at 17.52% [Highest Score 58] and 73 wickets at 18.77%), Andy Gilroy-Scott (82 games, 1314 runs at 15.83% [Highest Score 71] and 5 wickets with his mystery deliveries - how he got those 5 wickets was a mystery!!!), Gavin Harry, Ray Kinsey (44 games, 785 runs at 16.35% [Highest Score 71] and 22 wickets), Graham Mattingley (39 games, 733 runs at 17.05% [Highest Score 69 not out]), Danny Quinn (30 games 557 runs and 33 wickets at 22.85%), Richard Carter (36 games), Leigh Cookman, Andrew Hanson, Peter Kerley, Geoff Lucas (cleared to Mornington : 26 games and 446 runs [Highest Score 67]), Peter Mills, Raymond Munro and Bruce Tyers.

The first of the Players who graduated through the Junior ranks came through this Season - Mark Ridgway, Mike McDonald, Kevin Ryan and Antony Griffin. Junior players who played Senior cricket were Brett Cook, Malcolm Smith, Chris "Woofa" Ainalidis, Peter "Potto" Conell, Steve Griffin, Grant Kellerman, Dale McCurdy, Darren Otto, Mark Watson, Graham Vose and Craig Small.

The 1st XI was captained by Gordon McLeod with Paul Jones acting as his Deputy. Gordon led by example and scored 380 runs at an average of 63.33%. The team won 4 games and drew one, with 6 losses. The most encouraging point to emerge was the form of young players, such as Mark Ridgway (20 wickets) and Kevin Ryan (197 runs). Peter Worland was originally captain of the 2nd XI, but with his services required in the 1st XI, Russ Wealands took the reins.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 138 (D.Brereton 22, G.McLeod 34, D.Muir 30) lost to Pines 9/151
2 Long Island 109 (G.McLeod 30no) drew with Boneo 7/74 (D.Brereton 5/25, P.Worland 2/9)
3 Long Island 179 (P.Jones 22, G.McLeod 57) lost to Heatherhill 8/245 (M.Ridgway 3/55, N.Stirling 2/5)
4 Long Island 8/215 (L.Batey 68, P.Jones 38, D.Brereton 45) lost to Frankston East 6/227 (M.Ridgway 2/35, G.McLeod 2/64)
5 Long Island 184 (D.Brereton 35, N.Stirling 53, D.Muir 21) and 3/103 (L.Batey 49no)
defeated Delacombe Park 164 (D.Brereton 2/35, M.Ridgway 6/41)
6 Long Island 9/217 G.McLeod 67no, D.Muir 60, L.Batey 28, M.Burrows 20 & 1/20 def. Main Ridge 180 A.Kosub 5/27, D.Brereton 3/40
7 Long Island 6/200 (K.Ryan 69no, G.McLeod 50, G.Harry 31) and 2/20 defeated Sorrento 165 (P.Worland 5/48)
8 Long Island 160 (D.Brereton 34, G.McLeod 47no) and 0/82 (R.Penberthy 46no) lost to Dromana 7/162 (A.Kosub 3/35)
9 Long Island 8/215 lost to Tootgarook 2/239
10 Long Island 186 (M.Burrows 35, P.Jones 29, K.Ryan 35, M.Ridgway 23no)
lost to Baden Powell 9/191 (D.Brereton 3/56, M.Ridgway 2/37) and 0/10
11 Long Island 196 (D.Muir 26, M.Burrows 21, M.McDonald 61, R.Penberthy 24, M.Ridgway 23) and 1/6
defeated Rye 142 (M.Ridgway 3/37, P.Jones 3/37)

The 2nd XI won 6 games, finishing just out of the four.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 9/165 (P.Worland 60no, W.Carter 36) defeated Pines 159 (A.Brew 5/60, R.Wealands 2/72, R.McWilliams 2/15)
2 Long Island 3/141 (W.Carter 82no) and 1/5 defeated Boneo 76 (D.McIntosh 3/27, G.McDonald 4/19, A.Brew 2/13)
3 Long Island 127 (L.Batey 28, R.Wealands 54) & 86 (R.Lacy 26) lost to Heatherhill 7/129 (R.Wealands 2/28, A.Brew 4/48) & 1/3
4 Long Island 84 (W.Carter 32) and 2/67 (W.Carter 27) lost to Frankston East 200 (G.Booker 2/32, M.Mitic 3/40, I.McIvor 3/20)
5 Long Island 137 (I.McIvor 48, M.McDonald 23) & 0/48 (W.Carter 21no) lost to Delacombe Park 197 (G.Booker 2/47, M.Mitic 5/43)
6 Long Island 2/139 (R.Penberthy 45, M.McDonald 74no) and 0/23
defeated Main Ridge 66(G.Booker 4/16, B.Morgan 3/9) and 115 (G.Booker 2/17, A.Brew 4/23)
7 Long Island 8/199 (R.McWilliams 83, W.Carter 49no, W.Fowler 24) lost to Sorrento 6/226 (A.Brew 4/55)
8 Long Island 191 (W.Carter 31, M.McDonald 34, G.Vose 32) defeated Dromana 122 (B.Morgan 5/31, G.Booker 3/34) & 1/17
9 Long Island 9/279 M.McDonald 122, I.McIvor 30, R.Wealands 39, D.Muir 39 defeated Tootgarook 9/199 D.Muir 4/62, G.Booker 2/68
10 Long Island 128 (I.McIvor 20, R.McWilliams 24, I.Cookman 28) lost to Baden Powell 6/230 (G.Vose 2/69, G.Booker 2/79) & 3/97
11 Long Island 7/219 (W.Carter 50, G.Booker 46, I.McIvor 59) defeated Rye 210

3rd XI captain, Bob Kent, took the team to 7 victories, but lost the last game of the Season by 2 runs to just miss a berth in the finals.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 3/182 (R.Bowden 49, M.Mitic 72no)
defeated Mornington 142 (R.Kent 2/21, A.Otto 2/17, G.Spence 3/44, C.Swan 3/20) and 2/46 (J.Denton 2/8)
2 Long Island 114 (N.Stirling 61no) lost to Heatherhill 8/136 (J.Denton 3/40, A.Otto 3/26, G.Spence 2/22)
3 Long Island 3/300 (A.Otto 126no, R.Bowden 97)
defeated Pines 166 (J.Denton 2/18, G.Spence 3/58, A.Otto 2/30, M.Watson 2/16)and 4/47 (M.Watson 2/36)
4 Long Island 9/196 (A.Otto 65, L.Thomas 37) defeated Hastings 191 (R.Kent 2/66, G.Spence 6/42)
5 Long Island 8/200 (R.Bowden 55, L.Thomas 20, W.Fowler 38, P.Watson 30) lost to Tootgarook 9/219 (J.Denton 2/60, G.Spence 4/48)
6 Long Island 140 (R.Kent 41no, R.Bowden 31) and 0/47 defeated Karingal 120 (D.McIntosh 4/52)
7 Long Island 177 (A.Otto 42, P.Watson 25, R.Kent 36) defeated Langwarrin
8 Long Island 6/235 (A.Otto 46, M.Mitic 51, N.Stirling 40, R.Kent 32no) defeated Rosebud 152 (J.Denton 3/38, G.Spence 3/24)
9 Long Island 147 lost to Mt Eliza 4/267 (G.Spence 2/46) NOTE : C.Firth (Mt Eliza) - 4/22
10 Long Island 8/215 (R.Kent 62, P.Watson 57no) and 1/27 defeated Seaford 178 (J.Denton 3/33, G.Spence 2/50, A.Otto 2/25)
11 Long Island 8/245 R.Bowden 50,L.Thomas 64,P.Watson 48,D.McIntosh 29no lost to Delacombe Park 249 A.Otto 6/50, G.Spence 2/57

Ray Vivian led the 4th XI to 5 wins - finishing in the middle of the ladder.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 191 (N.Stickland 34,, C.Small 25, D.McCurdy 24, S.Griffin 46no) & 1/28 defeated Seaford 161 (R.Vivian 8/36)
2 Long Island 9/96 (P.Heller 20) defeated Karingal 81 (N.Stickland 3/47, R.Vivian 5/13)
3 Long Island 8/214 (T.Griffin 34, P.Heller 62, P.Enness 23, Ray Dean 26no, D.McCurdy 22)
lost to Mt Martha 9/273 (N.Stickland 3/71, R.Vivian 2/62)
4 Long Island 4/168 (K.Stokes 74, N.Stickland 51no, W.Ross 26no) defeated Baxter 154 (P.Watson 3/35, W.Ross 4/23) & 0/2
5 Long Island 116 (N.Stickland 21, T.Griffin 24) lost to Heatherhill 189 (R.Vivian 5/64, W.Ross 4/50) and 0/113
6 Long Island 5/246 (T.Griffin 30, K.Stokes 67, P.Heller 33, N.Stickland 53no, T.Davies 25)
defeated Frankston East 7/232 (M.Watson 2/31, W.Ross 2/73)
7 Long Island 154 (P.Conell 36, W.Ross 28) lost to Delacombe Park
8 Long Island 170 (T.Griffin 46, P.Heller 39) and 5/89 (A.Gilroy-Scott 61no) lost to Carrum Downs 135 (T.Davies 4/35) & 1/131
9 Long Island 230 (P.Conell 54, D.Crompton 58, G.Kellerman 42) defeated Pines 190 (D.Crompton 3/62, W.Ross 3/10)
10 Long Island 190 (P.Conell 52, K.Stokes 24, P.Enness 22) lost to Delacombe Park 9/193
11 Long Island 149 (T.Griffin 25, M.Watson 47, T.Davies 27) lost to Heatherhill 9/331 (D.Crompton 4/39, R.Vivian 4/107)

The 5th XI , again led by John Garrick, did one better than last Season, reaching the Grand Final, but missing out to Mt Eliza in that game.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 173 (T.Bailey 49) defeated Karingal 84 (P.Smith 2/20, J.Garrick 3/4, G.Pretty 2/9) and 0/4
2 Long Island defeated Hastings
3 Long Island 94 (P.Smith 27, D.Salt 22) lost to Somerville 98 (D.Salt 2/17, J.Garrick 4/15) and 1/38
4 Long Island 109 (L.Munro 20no) lost to Mt Martha 175 (D.Salt 2/43, G.Pretty 4/52, A.Morris 2/20) and 2/116
5 Long Island 143 (T.Bailey 29) lost to Mt Eliza 173 (D.Salt 3/39, P.Smith 2/41, G.Pretty 4/20) and 1/19
6 Long Island 107 and 2/28 defeated Frankston East 77 (G.McDonald 5/24, J.Garrick 2/15)
and 47 (G.Pretty 3/10, P.Smith 3/0)
7 Long Island defeated Balnarring
8 Long Island 119 lost to Baxter 9/177 (J.Garrick 5/34, K.Cook 3/19) and 1/43
9 Long Island defeated Red Hill
10 Long Island 8/161 (D.Dodson 42, D.Salt 52) defeated Boneo G.Pretty 3/19, C.Swan 2/15, J.Garrick 2/1)
and 48 (G.Pretty (7/15)
11 Long Island 144 (K.Cook 42) lost to Mt Eliza 6/228 (G.Pretty 2/83, D.Salt 3/34)

Our start in the Grand Final was not good with David Dodson and Ray Harley back in the pavillion pretty soon after the start of play, but Sarg, Cooky, Alan Morris and Bob Smith all got a good start but as soon as they looked like making a big score, each lost his wicket. Cooky was particularly savage on anything short and dispatched no fewer than 7 to the deep point boundary. Unfortunately when these four departed, so did our chances of a really big score, and we lost the last 5 wickets for 34 runs. Mt Eliza then proceeded to bat their time, and while in a bit of bother early, they recovered, thanks to a couple of missed opportunities, and took out the game pretty convincing victors. Danny Salt, Greg Pretty, John Garrick and Kevin Cook all bowled well, mostly without much luck.

Grand Final :
Long Island 191 G.Sargant 35, A.Morris 35, K.Cook 40, R.Smith 34
lost to Mt Eliza 9/316 G.Pretty 4/39, J.Garrick 3/55

During the Season a Club withdrew from the "G" Grade competition and Long Island entered a 6th XI in this Grade. Because the Season had already gotten underway, the team was very much a "scratch" team. Les Munro volunteered to look after the team and a group of juniors were blooded into Senior cricket for the first time. Two of these, Dale McCurdy and Craig Small, have since played 1st XI cricket for the Club while Steve Griffin was a future Player of the Year winner and Chris Ainalidis played in the 2nds.

The Juniors continued their successes with the Under 16's taking out the Premiership after only one loss for the Season. Managed by Peter Watson, and captained by Graham Vose, we took the Semi Final narrowly over Mornington, then defeated Seaford in a tight Grand Final.

Grand Final :
Long Island 9/132 (P.Heller 25, G.Vose 47, G.Kellerman 23) defeated Seaford 125 (D.McCurdy 5/27, G.Vose 4/44)

Good Junior performances were put in by a number of the boys with Mark Watson - 3/7, 8/12 and 4/22, Dale McCurdy - 3/1, 3/14 and 5/27, Graham Vose - 40, 102no, 3/27, 93, 3/9, 64no, 47, 4/43, 47 and 4/44, Aaron Brew - 4/58, Peter Conell - 50 and 53, Paul Heller - 65, 58 and 68 and Craig Small - 49no being the most prominent in the Under 16's.

Graham Vose again represented the MPCA in its Under 16 Representative games and played in the Schoolboys competition.

The Under 14's struggled with only one win for the Season, but the majority of the boys were in their first year of that age division. The Under 14's were well represented by Matthew Spence - 3/9 and 3/12, Brett Cook - 46, 34 and 47, Clint Otto - 32 and Shaun Staggard 34 and 39.

The Under 12's went through the Season undefeated and easily won the Premiership. Gordon McLeod looked after these boys in magnificent fashion, and many of them were already shaping as players of the future.

Grand Final :
Long Island 5/121 (C.Firth 30ret, A.Gardner 33ret,) defeated Seaford 118 (N.Kent 3/23, A.Speed 2/13)

In this Grade, Cameron Park - already a veteran of 3 Seasons - continued to impress with efforts of 3/17, 32no, 31no, 3/20, 31no, 32no and 3/13, as did Neil Kent - 33no, 3/10, 41, 5/13, 3/23 and 30no, Ashley Gardner - 30no, 33no and 6/1, Aaron Wright - 24, 32no and 4/7, Craig Ryan - 31no and 3/11,Andrew Speed - 30no and 3/14, Andrew Kitson - 33no and 33no, and Christopher Firth - 30no and 30no.

Senior Awards for Season 1982/83 went to :

  Batting Bowling Captains
1sts Gordon McLeod Dermot Brereton & Mark Ridgway Max Burrows
2nds Wayne Carter & Mike McDonald Grant Booker Ian McIvor
3rds Mick Mitic Graeme Spence Peter Watson
4ths Norm Stickland Ray Vivian Kevin Stokes
5ths Kevin Cook John Garrick Trevor Bailey
Captains Awards Max Burrows(1sts), Ian McIvor (2nds), Peter Watson (3rds), Kevin Stokes (4ths) and Trevor Bailey (5ths)
Best Clubman Russ Wealands
Inaugural President's Trophy Kevin Ryan
Player of the Year. Armin Otto

Mike McDonald 122
Armin Otto 126no

Ray Vivian 8/36
Greg Pretty 7/15
Danny Salt 7/26

Milestones reached were :

200 wickets
Ray Vivian

2500 runs
Gordon McLeod

100 wickets
Kevin Cook,
Dave Muir
Armin Otto

1000 runs
Bob Bowden
Trevor Griffin

50 wickets
Aaron Brew,
John Denton,
John Garrick,
Alex Kosub,
Gerry McDonald
Graeme Spence

100 Games
Wayne Ross

50 Games
Bob Bowden,
Wayne Carter,
Ian Cookman,
Trevor Griffin
Russ Wealands

During the Season a number of players performed well :

Runs :
409 Armin Otto
380 Gordon McLeod
360 Bob Bowden & Wayne Carter
359 Mike McDonald
276 Peter Conell
269 Norm Stickland
236 Max Burrows
226 Kevin Stokes
220 Trevor Griffin
218 Ian McIvor
217 Paul Heller
215 Lindsay Batey
209 Les Thomas
200 Mick Mitic
197 Kevin Ryan
196 Ron McWilliams
195 Bob Kent
189 Peter Watson, Dave Muir & Geoff Sargant
186 Russ Wealands
183 Paul Jones
182 Ian Cookman
180 Kevin Cook
170 Neil Stirling
165 Dermot Brereton
157 Bob Smith
150 Craig Small

Wickets :
38 Ray Vivian
32 Graeme Spence & Greg Pretty
27 John Garrick
24 Danny Salt
23 Grant Booker & Aaron Brew
21 John Denton
20 Mark Ridgway
19 Dermot Brereton
18 Armin Otto
17 Wayne Ross
16 Mark Watson
15 Doug McIntosh
14 Peter Smith
13 Alex Kosub, Peter Watson & Peter Worland
12 Gerry McDonald
11 Russ Wealands & Gordon McLeod
10 Dave Crompton, Mick Mitic & Barry Morgan

Junior awards were given as follows :

  Batting Bowling Fielding
Under 16 Graham Vose Mark Watson Aaron Brew
Under 14 Brett Cook Matthew Spence Trevor Ryan
Under 12 Chris Firth Neil Kent Paul Fellows

ESANDA, through Norm Stickland, sponsored the Junior Presentations for the Season.

In his report on the Season, Gordon McLeod said : "After a disappointing start to the Season there was a marked improvement over last Season's performances: practice attendances were good and the new facilities have meant longer sessions for our batsmen. Pressure is being finally put on 1st XI players by the 2nds. The Club must continue to look to the Junior players to strengthen the sides and Juniors should be promoted when they are ready."