BOB KENT resumed the off-field leadership of the Club in 1981/82, and Wayne Ross took on the Vice President's position. Andy Gilroy-Scott continued as Treasurer and Kevin Stokes became the second Secretary for the Club since it's formation. The General Committee was Clarrie Swan, Geoff Lucas, Armin Otto, Ray Kinsey, Trevor Bailey, Peter Kerley and Peter Worland. Clarrie and Geoff resigned during the Season and Norm Stickland was appointed in their stead (Norm has often said that he's worth two people!). The Club fielded the same number of teams as last Season and Membership Fees increased to $35 for Seniors. The Junior Fees and the Match Fees remained the same. During the Season, the Joint Building Committee from the Club and the Frankston Rugby Union Football Club submitted plans of the Clubrooms to be constructed at McClelland Drive. The estimated cost of the construction was $42,000 and both Clubs were expected to meet the cost in excess of $33,000 (that is $4,5000 each). Council expected the plans to be approved early in 1982, and the pitch laid in readiness for the 1982/83 Season. The Club also met with the Council at McClelland Drive during the Season to discuss it's plans.

Rob Dean again led the Club on-field, and once again the Club found itself in a position of not having sufficient players of 1st XI standard. Recruits for the Season included Leigh Cookman and Grant Booker who played 1st XI cricket, and Dave Muir and Russell Wealands returned to the Club. Other recruits were Ray Allen, Tim Davies, Raymond Munro, Ian McIvor, Peter Smith, Bruce Tyers, Greg Pretty and Gerry McDonald. However, Kevin Ryan and Graham Vose - two Under 16 players - represented the 1sts during the Season. Other Junior players who played Senior cricket were Mark Ridgway, Mike McDonald, Aaron Brew, Peter Mills, Peter Conell, Mark Watson, Darren Otto, Paul Heller, Craig Small, Dale McCurdy, Cameron Mattingley and Steve Griffin.

Players who left the Club were Chas Buccilli, who walked into a rising ball in the second Round of the Season, and retired to the Bowling Green after playing 58 games and scoring 639 runs (Highest Score 52), Nick Crossley (Interstate), Alan Danks, Trevor Dixon, Archie Ellis (transferred in his employment to the Country), Graeme Meadows - 60 games, 1681 runs (Highest Score 88) at 31.72% and 82 wickets at 14.9%, Barry Morgan, Alan Morris, Dave "Tex" Phillips who went to Pearcedale, Steve Reynolds, Neil Stirling (Gardening duties) and Les Thomas. Both "Tex" and "Thommo" were to resume playing with the Club later (as were Barry, Neil and Steve). At the end of the 1980/81 Season, "Tex" had played 72 games, scored 1246 runs at 16.39% (Highest Score 107) and had taken 50 wickets at 23.56%. "Tex" was one of the originals, joining the Club on a social outing to French Island (our first trip to that enchanting place) and started playing from the next Round. Thommo was the original reluctant recruit who could not make up his mind whether to play or not in the Club's initial Season. He did work things out over the winter of 1975 and commenced his Long Island career in our second Season, and will go down in history as the first Long Island player to hit the winning run in a Premiership team for the Club. Thommo had played 62 games, scored 1238 runs (Highest Score 82 not out) at 19.97% and had picked up 6 victims with his left-arm slingers.

Under the captaincy of Rob Dean, the 1st XI won 4 games and tied one. Gavin Harry (302), Gordon McLeod (252) and Dermot Brereton (238) were the higher run-scorers, and Dave Muir and Leigh Cookman, with 18 wickets apiece were the best of the bowlers.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 8/89 lost to Balnarring 3/181
2 Long Island 129 (R.Dean 54no) lost to Pines 6/136 (D.Muir 3/52)
3 Long Island 9/169 (M.Burrows 31, R.Dean 32) defeated Boneo 9/168 (L.Cookman 4/52)
4 Long Island 83 and 4/173 (D.Brereton 39, G.Harry 53no) lost to Heatherhill 2/91 and 0/15
5 Long Island 173 (R.Dean 35, W.Ross 24, G.McLeod 36) lost to Frankston East 7/204
6 Long Island 9/115 (D.Brereton 26no) defeated Red Hill 117
7 Long Island 149 (D.Brereton 32) and 0/30 defeated Main Ridge 117 (L.Cookman 4/47, D.Muir 3/27)
8 Long Island 180 defeated Dromana 156
9 Long Island 8/177 (D.Brereton 59) lost to Sorrento 245
10 Long Island 2/175 (W.Ross 34, G.Harry 72no, G.McLeod 46no) defeated Tootgarook 156 (D.Muir 4/26)
11 Long Island 6/157 (G.Harry 61, G.McLeod 63) lost to Baden Powell 183 (A.Kosub 3/31)

The 2nds, led by Peter Worland also won 4 games, and the policy of this Grade was to blood some of the Junior players into a pretty competitive level of cricket. Wayne Carter (269) and Graham Vose (199) were the main scorers, and Mark Ridgway (24) and Grant Booker (19) the main wicket-takers.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 8/91 lost to Balnarring 6/210 (M.Ridgway 3/57)
2 Long Island 150 (W.Carter 97) lost to Pines 3/296 and 1/25
3 Long Island 9/162 (W.Carter 58, G.Vose 30no) defeated Boneo 146 (P.Worland 4/43, R.Kent 5/42)
4 Long Island 72 and 2/91 (P.Worland 47no) lost to Heatherhill 8/270 (M.Ridgway 3/46)
5 Long Island 156 (W.Carter 39, D.McIntosh 34) lost to Frankston East 4/196
6 Long Island 195 (P.Worland 61) defeated Red Hill
7 Long Island 4/254 (R.Kinsey 71, A.Gilroy-Scott 33, G.Vose 76) defeated Main Ridge 205 (A.Kosub 4/31, M.Ridgway 3/68)
8 Long Island 164 and 2/18 defeated Dromana 119 (D.McIntosh 3/46, M.Ridgway 2/19, G.Booker 4/41)
9 Long Island defeated Sorrento 183 (A.Kosub 3/28)
10 Long Island 245 (A.Gilroy-Scott 51, M.Burrows 33, R.Wealands 46, R.McWilliams 30) drew with Tootgarook 6/161 (M.Burrows 3/41)
11 Long Island 45 and 168 (M.Burrows 55no, G.Booker 41) lost to Baden Powell 248

The 3rds were led by Armin Otto and won 5 games. Another Junior, Mike McDonald with 330 runs was taking to Senior cricket exceptionally well, while Armin scored 190 runs, with wickets shared pretty evenly by Aaron Brew (17), Bob Kent (24), Kevin Stokes (13) and John Denton (19).

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 9/220 (M.McDonald 104no) defeated Rosebud 33 (K.Stokes 3/3) and 33 (K.Stokes 3/16)
2 Long Island 75 and 5/88 lost to Karingal 122 (K.Stokes 5/41)
3 Long Island 181 (P.Mills 32) lost to Tootgarook 8/206 (J.Denton 3/38, M.McDonald 3/62)
4 Long Island 8/195 (P.Watson 33, M.McDonald 47, K.Cook 42no) and 6/10 defeated Mt Eliza 150
5 Long Island 9/111 (A.Otto 33) defeated Balnarring 108 (J.Denton 3/26) and 8/74 (A.Brew 3/7)
6 Long Island defeated Rye 155 (R.Kent 3/49, A.Brew 4/34)
7 Long Island 122 (R.Kent 57) lost to Baden Powell 7/250 (P.Watson 3/22)
8 Long Island 66 and 8/72 lost to Langwarrin 129 (I.McIvor 3/19, A.Brew 4/37) and 2/204
9 Long Island lost
10 Long Island 9/246 (K.Stokes 46, W.Fowler 44) drew with Mornington 1/26
11 Long Island 71 lost to Seaford 103 (R.Kent 6/50, P.Watson 3/37) and 0/10

The 4th XI won only two games, being desperately under-manned, and playing in a grade far too high. Norm Stickland scored 241 runs, Graham Mattingley 196, Clarrie Swan 181, and Ray Vivian took 22 wickets.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 87 and 3/45 lost to Hastings 4/184
2 Long Island 8/159 (G.Mattingley 70no, N.Stickland 41) lost to Mt Eliza 7/261 (R.Vivian 3/49)
3 Long Island 103 (G.Mattingley 45) lost to Baxter 168 (R.Vivian 5/48) and 5/85
4 Long Island 6/200 (T.Davies 70no) lost to Frankston East 224
5 Long Island 118 (C.Small 31) lost to Tyabb 3/193 (R.Vivian 3/43)
6 Long Island lost to Delacombe Park 165 (D.Quinn 3/30, R.Vivian 3/44)
7 Long Island 161 (N.Stickland 40, C.Swan 49) lost to Baden Powell 176 (C.Swan 3/35)
8 Long Island 106 and 0/99 (N.Stickland 33no, M.Mitic 48no) lost to Frankston YCW 208 (K.Cook 4/40)
9 Long Island 266 (M.Watson 47, B.Tyers 47no) defeated Pearcedale
10 Long Island73 (N.Stickland 22) and 7/183 (M.Mitic 33no, C.Swan 76no) lost to Heatherhill 7/115
11 Long Island 121 (P.Enness 30) lost to Baxter 9/149 (A.Griffin 5/45)

The 5th XI , under the captaincy of John Garrick, lost the first three games, then won 7 straight and moved into the Finals. We tied the Semi Final, but our opponents finished higher on the ladder, so they progressed to the Grand Final. Peter Enness scored 354 runs, Trevor Griffin 298, Gerry McDonald took 46 wickets, Antony Griffin (35) and Peter Smith (26) were other good achievers.

Season's Details :

1 Long Island 8/111 (A.Griffin 30) lost to Baxter 9/149 (A.Griffin 5/45)
2 Long Island 168 (P.Enness 45) lost to Mornington 6/229 (J.Garrick 3/51) and 3/14
3 Long Island lost to Mt Martha 141 (A.Griffin 5/56, J.Garrick 2/21, P.Smith 2/53)
4 Long Island 132 (G.McDonald 34) defeated Tyabb 97 (P.Smith 4/34) and 0/9
5 Long Island 97 and 0/16 defeated Boneo 92 (G.McDonald 5/28)
6 Long Island 5/118 (P.Enness 45) defeated Balnarring 89 (G.McDonald 7/32)
7 Long Island 9/187 (T.Griffin 70, G.McDonald 33) and 3/10 defeated Tootgarook 81 (A.Griffin 4/12, G.McDonald 4/10)
8 Long Island 136 (D.Quinn 42) defeated Mt Eliza 70 (A.Griffin 4/20, G.McDonald 4/21)
9 Long Island 169 (G.McDonald 32, T.Griffin 31) defeated Sorrento
10 Long Island 1/112 and 3/39 defeated Tootgarook 59 (G.McDonald 7/20) and 88 (G.McDonald 3/22, P.Smith 3/14)
11 Long Island won on Forfeit (Boneo)

That only one team made the finals - and the fact that it was the lowest graded team in the Club - made the Season extremely disappointing. Players who had given good service were getting older, and consequently less effective, and new blood was desperately required. Sure, the Club was grooming youngsters, and the likes of Graham Vose, Kevin Ryan, Mark Ridgway, Mike McDonald, Mark Watson, Dale McCurdy, Aaron Brew, Craig Small and Peter Conell were going to be the makings of the Club, but they were a couple of Seasons away from making it. The Club knew that it had to recruit well to maintain its position in the District Grade.

The bright part of the Season revolved around the Juniors. Once again we fielded three Junior teams - one in each Grade - and all three made the finals. Two of the teams went through to the Grand Final without a defeat - unfortunately for the Under 16's , their only defeat was in the Grand Final. The Under 16's, an excellent combination, but short on numbers, advanced to the Grand Final in a most convincing manner. In the Semi-Final we defeated Baxter scoring 6/231 with Kevin Ryan scoring 92 and Graham Vose 78. Peter Mills starred with the ball, taking 6/28 off 15 overs and Mark Ridgway took 3/25. In the Grand Final however, dismissed for only 27 in the 1st Innings, we were never a chance, although Mark Ridgway was superb with his unplayable leg-spin. Only 50 runs behind on the 1st Innings, we crashed again, with only Craig Small showing resistence. Mt Eliza were set only 42 to win, and did it but lost 4 wickets in the process. It was a great effort by the boys, and the future was in good hands if the Club could retain them for Senior Cricket. Better performers were Mike McDonald 505 runs, Kevin Ryan 425 runs, Graham Vose 391 runs and 26 wickets, Mark Ridgway 54 wickets and Peter Mills 13 wickets.

Grand Final :
Long Island 27 and 64 (C.Small 21) lost to Mt Eliza 69 (M.Ridgway 6/23) and 4/26 (M.Ridgway 3/13)

The Under 14's , under the tutorage of Peter Watson also went through undefeated, but took that one further step and took out the Premiership. Always the best team in the competition, we played Baxter in a rain-affected Grand Final, and the Draw ensured us of the flag. Even though the game was not played to its conclusion, we were well on the way to victory when stumps were drawn.

Had we played the game out to its conclusion, we'd have beated Baxter for the 3rd time that Season. The team was captained by Mark Watson. Better performers were Peter Conell 352 runs, Mark Watson 255 runs and 24 wickets, Dale McCurdy 29 wickets and Steve Griffin 13 wickets. In the Semi-Final we dismissed Karingal for 29 and replied with 178. Dale McCurdy scored 46 and took 3/8 off 11 overs, Mark Watson took 2/7 off 6 overs and Paul Heller and Steve Griffin each took 2 wickets.

Grand Final :
Long Island 184 (P.Conell 32, M.Watson 46) drew with Baxter 2/6

The Under 12's won 8 games and lost two, but lowered their colours to Baxter in the Semi Final. The boys, under Kevin Cook, did a great job, and again there appeared to be some excellent prospects coming up. In the Semi Final Richard Hall scored 25 and Cameron Park bowled superbly with 0/4 off his 11 overs. Better performers during the Season were Richard Hall 178 runs, Clint Otto 13 wickets, Cameron Park 24 wickets and Craig Ryan 18 wickets.

During the Season, Graham Vose represented the Mornington Peninsula Schoolboys and Dale McCurdy was selected to represent the MPCA Under 14's.

Senior Award winners for the Season were :

  Batting Bowling Captain's
1sts Gordon McLeod Dave Muir Dermot Brereton
2nds Graham Vose Mark Ridgway Kevin Ryan
3rds Mike McDonald Bob Kent Aaron Brew
4ths Clarrie Swan Ray Vivian Norm Stickland
5ths Peter Enness Gerry McDonald Geoff Sargant
Best Clubman Kevin Cook
Player of the Year Gerry McDonald

Awards were given for the following individual efforts :
104no Mike McDonald
8/13 Grant Booker
7/20 & 7/32 Gerry McDonald
Hat-trick Peter Smith

Awards for players who had played 50 games were given to Rob Dean, Dave Muir and Kevin Stokes.

Milestones were achieved as follows :

2000 runs
Gordon McLeod

100 wickets
Wayne Ross
Bob Kent

1000 runs
Wayne Carter,
Kevin Cook,
Les Munro,
Armin Otto
Clarrie Swan

50 wickets
Mark Ridgway

Major contributors for the Season were :

Runs :
354 Peter Enness
330 Mike McDonald
302 Gavin Harry
298 Trevor Griffin
269 Wayne Carter
252 Gordon McLeod
241 Norm Stickland
238 Dermot Brereton
199 Graham Vose
196 Graham Mattingley
190 Armin Otto
189 Kevin Stokes
183 Gerry McDonald
181 Clarrie Swan
179 Peter Worland
176 Rob Dean & Bob Bowden
167 Antony Griffin
159 Les Munro
157 Kevin Cook
156 Max Burrows
153 John Garrick

Wickets :
46 Gerry McDonald
35 Antony Griffin
26 Peter Smith
24 Bob Kent & Mark Ridgway
22 Ray Vivian
19 Grant Booker, John Denton & John Garrick
18 Leigh Cookman & Dave Muir
17 Aaron Brew
15 Alex Kosub
13 Kevin Stokes
12 Peter Worland
10 Doug McIntosh

Junior Performances :

Batting :
Under 16's
Kevin Ryan 52no, 51no, 45, 51no, 93
Mike McDonald 51no, 50no, 83, 42, 56
Graham Vose 85no, 54, 78

Under 14's
Peter Conell 50, 50no
Mark Watson 50, 46
Dale McCurdy 40, 46
Paul Heller 43

Under 12's
Clint Otto 33
Richard Hall 30, 32no, 25

Bowling :
Under 16's

Mike McDonald 4/19, 4/13
Mark Ridgway 3/5, 5/6, 4/29, 6/23, 3/13
Graham Vose 4/11, 4/13
Craig Small 3/16
Peter Mills 6/28

Under 14's
Dale McCurdy 5/2, 5/2, 3/8
Mark Watson 4/9, 3/15
Steve Griffin 3/8

Under 12's
Tony Graham 3/13
Andrew Kitson 4/6, 3/16
Trevor Ryan 4/4
Matthew Spence 4/8
Clint Otto 3/28

In his end-of Season report, Rob Dean said "...still two years away from being a good side. Season ended on a good note, starting to bat well, and the blooding of Graham Vose in the 1st XI. The Under 16 players are displaying maturity in their game. The future looks bright although there is a lack of competitiveness at the top of the Club with the 2nd XI players unable to succeed at the 1st XI level. It is good to see the Juniors coming up through the Grades, and the Club owes a lot to Peter Worland and Andy Gilroy-Scott for the way they handled the Juniors in the 2nds during the Season. It is most disappointing to note that the 1sts were not able to score 200 runs in any innings during the Season."