The following pages show the playing records of (almost) all of the players who have played with the Club since its formation in 1974. The statistics of the 593 finely tuned athletes who have taken the field to represent the Club in its on-field endeavours have been compiled religiously (that is, every Sunday morning) over the years. An attempt has been made to include the statistics of every player who donned the whites for the Club, but some players have eluded the Historian's grasp. We are however confident that our strike-rate is around 98%, and those players whose records have been captured will find their complete records are shown, EXCEPT FOR "Lucky Phil" Pollard.

It seems that when the records were being transcribed from the manual records to the computer, some of the pages which contained Phil's statistics were mislaid. This is a shame because Phil was a very popular person around the Club - especially around Cup Eve! An attempt however has been made to replicate Phil's record, although we must admit to a fair bit of poetic licence - but the bottom line is that Phil DID play 69 games (I wonder if anyone else can attest to that?), score 668 runs and DID take the sole wicket.

There are also comments included about some players whose records appear. The views stated - and these are really a short note as to the players' achievements or otherwise - are those of the author of this publication whose name has been withheld for legal reasons!!!!!

Note: Junior stats are not fully complete due to many scorebooks missing.