Long Island Championship Team
1974 to 1999

Selection of this team was based on performances with the Long Island Cricket Club - performances with other clubs were not taken into account - and the Selectors picked a balanced team (something foreign to a number of them when one looks at some of the teams selected at the club during the last 25 years).

The following players came under consideration -

Peter Bedford - 1530 runs at 31.90 & 109 dismissals
Regarded for many years as the best wicketkeeper in the MPCA and a handy bat to boot! Has been an exceptional player for the Club since joining in 1993/94. A terrific man to have on your side in the time of a crisis.

Rob Bedford - 2201 runs at 50.02
For many years has been regarded as the premier batsman in the MPCA and certainly he played to that level while with Long Island. A terrific captain with the knack of placing a fieldsman exactly where the ball is hit. One of the most dangerous batsmen around who hits the ball hard and often.

Peter Conell - 5854 runs at 28.84
A hard-hitting opening batsman who is capable of quick runs or playing a rock-solid role - depending on the situation. A big-time player whose two better efforts were in Grand Finals - against Moorooduc and Red Hill. Not noted for his brilliance in the field!

Rob Dean - 1157 runs at 22.69 & 26 wickets at 23.04
A hard-hitting top-order batsman and a shrewd tactician whose moves and decisions won many games for us even though our teams were not overly strong - we finished runner-up in District in 77/78 with a fairly ordinary team.

Glen Farrow - 74 wickets at 18.51 & 508 runs at 17.52
A bowler not much over medium pace who consistently took wickets against quality opposition. A brilliant fieldsman and handy bat.

John Georgiou - 785 runs at 49.06
John’s cricket career was curtailed when he made the grade in the AFL with St Kilda but while at Long Island he showed his tremendous qualities, gaining 1st XI representation when 15.

Paul Hartle - 1443 runs at 28.10 & 183 wickets at 17.48
A great talent whose performances since joining the Club in 93/94 have been tremendous both with bat and ball. A player who would be chosen for his batting alone, he consistently gets wickets and is capable of bowling long, effective spells.

David Hastings - 909 runs at 34.96 & 62 wickets at 19.03
A terrific all-rounder who rarely failed either with bat or ball and who gave the club great service over 3 Seasons. Won the MPCA Best Player Award for the Best Player in the Sub-District competition in 1990/91.

Stephen Johnson - 868 runs at 27.13 & 35 wickets at 23.06
One of the hardest players ever to have played in this Club. While past his best when he joined the Club, he proved excellent value time and time again. His fighting innings in the Premiership win over Red Hill was brilliant.

Paul Jones - 1970 runs at 29.85 & 57 wickets at 21.02
A Club leader whose value was his fighting qualities and who often came up with the unexpected when bowling his slowish-mediums.

Bob Martin - 1151 runs at 26.16 & 78 dismissals
A devastating opening batsman who was capable of destroying opening attacks in a few overs and a brilliant wicketkeeper particularly on the stumps.

Colin Munro - 2230 runs at 40.55 & 65 wickets at 16.22
A brilliant batsman whose value of his wicket was phenomenal. An extremely talented player who could open the bowling, bowl off-breaks or wicketkeep - all with first class results.

Brian McCue - 144 wickets at 21.55
Exceptional leader who had the knack of inspiring his charges to bigger and better things. A slow bowler who could tie batsmen down for overs on-end without detracting from his own effectiveness.

Gordon McLeod - 6087 runs at 41.41 & 284 wickets at 16.52
Talk about putting value on your wicket - 95 times not out in 242 innings’! A terrific middle-order bat whose bowling often put opponents on the back foot.

Stuart McLeod - 4246 runs at 32.91
Very solid opening bat and excellent close-in fieldsman who provides consistency at the top end of the innings.

Cameron Park - 3646 runs at 23.99 & 261 wickets at 19.71
Hard-hitting batsman who is adaptable - can open the innings and is very effective as a hitter at any stage in an innings. Consistent, nagging left arm bowler who picks up wickets on a regular basis.

Scott Phillips - 408 runs at 21.47 & 51 wickets at 19.16
A terrific talent whose value with both bat and ball is enormous. A fantastic batsman who seems to be able to “middle” everything and a slippery bowler who consistently bowls at the stumps.

Mark Ridgway - 172 wickets at 16.06 & 488 runs at 15.25
A fine leg-spinner who had a full kit of tricks after representing Melbourne in Dowling Shield and receiving coaching from former Test Player George Tribe. Very Handy with the bat and a brilliant fieldsman.

Doug Van Raay - 4195 runs at 28.15 & 48 wickets at 21.10
Aggressive opening bat who loves to keep the score moving - has all of the shots with the Pull, Hook and Cover Drives his favouties and his best. Not a great fieldsman.

Graham Vose - 2889 runs at 29.78 & 31 wickets at 27.77
A hard-hitting batsman who bats in the upper order. Usually works at singles early in the innings then hits out later. Very consistent with the bat, but only a fair fieldsman.

The Long Island Championship Team (1974 to 1999) is -

Stuart McLeod
Bob Martin
Colin Munro
Rob Bedford
Graham Vose
Gordon McLeod
Scott Phillips
Paul Hartle
Cameron Park
Mark Ridgway
Brian McCue
(12th) Doug Van Raay

Coach : Rob Dean
Captain : Colin Munro

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